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All the references inside Gucci SS18 collection

An "archeology of the past" and much, much, Elton John

All the references inside Gucci SS18 collection  An archeology of the past and much, much, Elton John

“I do not want to clarify my position. The ambiguity of what I do is my language. I want to tell personal stories. I do not want to tell a single story but a thousand. I want to become Gucci not a brand but a multiple experience. For me it is claustrophobic make a trend, chasing one track. And then I am fascinated by the idea of slowing down even if it is contradictory to Gucci's rhythm. The fact is, I want to try to linger as much as possible on what is part of my story. See it like a carousel, my carousel. It's the world of the impossible that I'm interested in. The rest depends entirely on who looks at what I do. And by his freedom to read us what he wants”. 

Alessandro Michele explains his idea of fashion, maximalist expression of a thousand voices, ideas, inspirations.

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What the designer does for Gucci is, as perfectly defined by Simone Marchetti, “a spirited archeology of the past”, the history of fashion, of art, but above all of Michele himself. So dig in his collection is traveling in time, in memory, in a place where there are no copies, but only references that have helped us become who we are.

Take a look below and discover the moods evoked by Gucci for the SS18.


Gucci SS18 – Andrew Cavendish (11th Duke of Devonshire) Never Marry a Mitford sweater  

Gucci SS18 – Bugs Bunny

Gucci SS18 – Goat designed by Erick Berry for the book Araminta by Eva Knox Evans (1935)

Gucci SS18 – Chatsworth House’s guest bedroom

Gucci SS18 – Dress by FW97 Vivienne Westwood collection and portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, both in Chatsworth House (Hardwick Hall)

Gucci SS18 –Late-19th-century christening robe, worn by the 11th Duke of Devonshire and successive generations of the Cavendish family

Gucci SS18 – Anna May Wong

Gucci SS18 – Mr Freedom label (a London boutique in the late 60s)

Gucci SS18 – "SEGA" logo

Gucci SS18 – Marlboro logo

Gucci SS18 – 80s windbreaker

Gucci SS18 – Evel Knievel

Gucci SS18 – Twiggy in Biba leopard print robe by Justin de Villeneuve (1973)

Gucci SS18 – Farah Fawcett in the ‘70s

Gucci SS18 – Elton John Levon – Goodbye LP cover (1971)

Gucci SS18 – Elton John in 1975

Gucci SS18 – Elton John in 1970s

Gucci SS18 – Elton John in Concert at Omni (July 1976)

Gucci SS18 – Elton John at Hollywood Bowl in 1973

Gucci SS18 – Elton John & Miss Piggy sang “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” in 1976

Gucci SS18 – Elton John in 1986

Gucci SS18 – Elton John at Wembley in 1984

Gucci SS18 – Elton John on stage in the ‘70s

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