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Istituto Marangoni 2017 Milano Fashion & Degree Show

Discover this year's ten Best Students

Istituto Marangoni 2017 Milano Fashion & Degree Show Discover this year's ten Best Students
Stefano Carloni

Every year, Istituto Marangoni celebrates its most talented students. After a triennial path of sacrifice and constant dedication, ten young fashion designers will see their greatest dream come true: see their creations shown on a runway.

The ten Best Students’ capsule collections will be presented tomorrow evening at 7.30 pm in the refined Teatro Vetra in Milan.
The 2017 Milano Fashion & Degree Show is accompanied by an exhibition of the best projects made by other twenty-five talented students, selected for merits by an exceptional jury led by Maurizio Pecoraro

"The end of a path. The beginning of a new chapter.

A dream comes true: the first fashion show".



Danilo Soffientini, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year Course - Balancing the Eras 

"I have just started an internship at a fashion house, and I would like to continue this course, then step up in a Maison to become Creative Director. Interpreting an 'institutional' brand and giving it a new reading key, I think it is stimulating And as satisfying as having an own brand".


Lu Xia, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year CourseGo Zone 

"To future fashion students, I have three pieces of advice to give. First of all, always keep your enthusiasm for fashion design even if it sometimes it dismays you, be confident and optimistic. Secondly, don’t just focus on your own work, social is very important in the fashion world. Make friends, get out, enrich your interpersonal connections and, last but not least, be humble and work hard, always show your ability".



Chiara Columbu, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year Course - Interfuse 

"I would not change my decision to study at Istituto Marangoni. It hasn’t been an easy path but it has fully gratified me and, right now that we are at the end, I understand how much of a school life it has been for me. It helped me in analyzing and developing my creativity in the best way: seeing your own personal project born and growing is the most beautiful thing". 


Emma Raphaelle Rotenberg, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year Course - Under Appearance 

"My aesthetics has become more clear, an elegant and determined androgyny. During the course of study, I understand what I want to reach. This is a job that requires utmost dedication and patience: you have to be sure of your ideas and be in love with what you do".


Marina Meliksetova, Fashion Design  Womenswear Three Year Course- Avantgarde Dreamers

"In my creations, I like to blend different elements, such as Francis Bacon's works with floral prints or disco influences. I admire the work of Raf Simons both at Dior and at Calvin Klein. Raf is a wonderful designer, always modern, and even his sources of inspiration are a mix of modern art, fashion and music culture. I also appreciate the work of John Galliano, he is a genius and one day I would love to work for Margiela".



Nicole Valenti, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year Course Smells Like Teen Spirit 

"My biggest source of inspiration comes from music and books. During these years my taste has changed a lot, has evolved, and now it is based on a more complex aesthetics with decontextualized fabrics, like the tulle bomber in my graduate collection".



Xingnan Song, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year Course - CenYong Ritmo

"There is still a lot I need to learn before launching a brand, especially in time management. It is a key issue and I also want to give this as an advice to future fashion students: maybe you’ll have little time to sleep, but dedicate all your awake time to creating. This is the life of a fashion designer".



Giovanni Edoardo Piazzalunga, Fashion Design Womenswear & Menswear Three Year Course - 4th Great Queen Street, London 

"Uniforming man and woman collections is a choice that follows contemporary taste. Fashion is the mirror and the predecessor of social trends. Vetements has changed the rules and has completely transformed the way of doing fashion".



Margherita Santi, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year Course- Tech Woven In 

"The aesthetics of fashion system has changed, and international designers are pushing for a more vanguard, anti-conventional future. My textile background leads me to experiment and searching ever-new fabrics for every collection. What matters is to put it all over. I never thought I'd come to show my own collection yet it happened: you have to believe in what you do".



Zhu Wen, Fashion Design Womenswear Three Year Course Untie My Silhouette 

"When it comes to creating, the whole environment that surrounds me becomes a source of inspiration. Everything that happens during the creative process remains impressed in my mind and becomes part of the final product".