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Interview to Our Legacy - the collaboration between Vans and the swedish brand

The collaboration, the event and the store

Interview to Our Legacy - the collaboration between Vans and the swedish brand The collaboration, the event and the store

Vans has launched a collaboration with the Swedish brand Our Legacy. We met Jockum Hallin, who along with Christopher Nying, founded in 2005 the brand, and we have asked him some questions about the collection.

#1 Why you founded Our Legacy?
I worked for many brands before founding Our Legacy. I arrived at a point at, with my friend Christopher, I felt the need to create something of my own, something that did not exist already.
#2 Nowadays the fashion system continually evolves, there's no time to think, creativity has to be quick and effective. How do you relate to this?
Ours has been a progressive growth, we can follow our project because we feel and why we are moving our hand in hand. Nothing is risky and everything is planned in compliance with what is Our Legacy brand identity.

#3 Talking about your latest collaboration with Vans, why did you decide to work with them?
This is the first collaboration for Our Legacy, we haven’t made one, we always did what we loved, but we were not yet ready, as it now we feel. Vans has a real world behind, a real culture that reveals the world of skateboarding, but also music, art and much more: a real foray into the street world. For all these reasons, we have a natural and unconditional love for Vans and all its values.
#4 What does Our Legacy for Vault by Vans want to communicate?
Positivity! One of the t-shirts has printed the words PMA, or positive mental attitude, a tribute to my passion for culture Californian skate. In particular, we were inspired to Orange County, one of the most beautiful places on the West Coast, their teenagers love Vans.

#5 Vans fully represents American skater culture, while Our Legacy conveys the typical Scandinavian minimalism. How could you make these two different worlds blend, maintaining also your characteristics?
As regards the materials, we often make use of the same. The nylon, for example, is a material which is Our Legacy Vans that use much. As for design, I think the winning idea was to choose the most iconic Vans models, for both for clothes and sneakers that reinterpret them according to that which is the minimalist identity Our Legacy. It was this our meeting place.
#6 Talking about details, describe us some pieces of the collection. Is there one that has particularly thrilled you during the creative process?
Probably the reinterpret the model UA Vans SK8 MID-PRO '91 LX.
#7 How can you describe the collaboration in only one word?