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Interview with Michael Dupouy - everything you need to know about All Gone latest issue

At Slam Jam

Interview with Michael Dupouy - everything you need to know about All Gone latest issue At Slam Jam

We met, at Slam Jam, Michael Dupouy, All Gone founder. Here’s everything you need to know about the man who devised the most important annual almanac of street culture.

#1 Tell me when you had the idea to launch the annual book All Gone, and why? What do you prefer to tells inside?
I was about 25 years old, I had recently began my career as a journalist, just like you, I used to write for several magazines and loved printed editions. Every time I wrote an article or I realized a photographic editorial I couldn’t wait to see it printed and feel the satisfaction of showing it to my family. With the explosion of web and social media everyone said that digital was the future, and that the paper would die. The fear was that no one would have bought magazines anymore and in part this happened, everyone uses the web in an obsessive and excessive way every day. But I have always firmly believed that a place in the world for printed-paper, a quality one, would remain. A place for printed books and almanacs which should be collected as documents, because they report what happened, to ensure that the past remains crystallized and available for the years to come.

#2 Tell me something about your last issue?
One of the most beautiful aspect of my last issue is the cover, it has been realized by an English artist and it’s not digital, but a proper painting. Contents selection this year has been really difficult because it has been a really busy period.

#3 In which kind of way your book tells about street culture differently than other books or magazines?
Usually printed magazines propose the same content as the web version, without giving a personal opinion. In All Gone, I have always expressed my thoughts and took a position with respect to any content or topic. A further reason that probably differentiates me from others is that one of my goals, in addition to telling, is to provide books to collect.

#4 Can you give some advices to young people that wants to know better this culture?
The first rule is: Don’t use only the web! Look around! You have to know and talk to people, you can learn from anyone and anything. You should definitely go to Tokyo!  People there are really cool and there are endless sources of inspiration.

#5 Did you had a strange or curious experience during your carrier?
There aren’t particular ones. I consider myself a lucky person. I wake up in the morning and I'm grateful that what was my biggest hobby has become my profession. I earn money thanks to my passions and I think that it couldn’t be better.

#6 In this years street culture is much closer to traditional fashion. In last fashion weeks was presented a lot of collaboration between street brands and luxury brands. Do you think it’s a temporary phenomenon or it’s the future of fashion? What’s your favorite collaboration?
I don’t think that there is so much difference between street and luxury brands. Anyone wears anything, just think of the fact that even the genders have been exceeded and that there is no longer a real female or male clothing. There are no limits, everything is pop now! As for the fashion week, there isn’t a collaboration that particularly struck me, but I found Sacai jackets for The North Face really beautiful.