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YEEZY Season 5 will show during New York Fashion Week?

CFDA's decision

YEEZY Season 5 will show during New York Fashion Week? CFDA's decision

Kanye West will not present his collection during New York Fashion Week. Kanye West will present his collection during NYFW. The YEEZY Season 5 show will be held February 15 at the Pier 59 Studios at 5 pm. No, it is not possible because the time slot is already occupied by Marchesa and rapper-designer did not consult any official of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) before announcing the date and time of his show and then will not be in the New York Fashion Week's official schedule. Stop. Forget it: Kanye apologized and according to Steven Kolb, president and CEO of the CFDA, found  an alternative option and the appointment with YEEZY is early at 15:00. Got it? To summarize: the Kim Kardashian's husband revealed to the world its new fashion creations (in collaboration with adidas) without asking permission from the proper authorities. This sparked a rampage of the CFDA, having to manage another 300 designers, already has its problems and, outraged, said "This bad behavior is not acceptable to the CFDA and should not be tolerated by the industry. Because of this, the CFDA will not list Kanye West on the official schedule". Then West, who must correct the last year flop with the fainted models, went from Mr. CFDA...and made peace. Maybe. Save the date (perhaps write it in pencil, because you could delete it): February 15 at 15:00 at Pier 59 Studios.