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Tamu McPherson

Milan, Italy


Chief Lover of All the Pretty Birds

Milan, Italy 


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams? 

Quarantine was bittersweet for me. We experienced so much loss and suffering here in Italy, and now abroad, a tangible sadness weighed on my chest. I held a space of spiritual support in my mediation practice for the victims, their families and all the essential workers. During lockdown here in Italy, I didn’t personally leave the house for 50+ days. I created fashion content for my supporters in an effort to colour their days and nights inside, and to bring a little joy during this unprecedented and difficult moment. Many people including myself have shared reflections on slowing down, maintaining connections with members of our community, living more sustainable lives and being more mindful in our approach to the world in general. I hope that we manifest these intentions so that the world can truly be a better place. 


What is your soundtrack? 

At this moment, I am enjoying anything by Janet Jackson who recently celebrated a birthday.