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Karem Kamel

Doha, Qatar


Film Programming

Doha, Qatar


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

My heart goes out to those who are immediately affected by the virus. NYC (where I was born and raised) in recent weeks has become the epicentre for the virus. I pray for my friends and family, constantly keeping in touch from Doha via Houseparty, Whatsapp and various other apps. I have been paying attention to the media but trying not to let it occupy all of my attention (although this can be a struggle).

On a positive note, I look at this quarantine period as an unprecedented time for myself and others to go back to the “the lab” and work on things we have been procrastinating on (for years in some cases). Amazingly, collectively as humans, we all have the opportunity to make adjustments external and especially internally. To add to that, this quiet period allows us to appreciate the presence and really experience our experience, FOMO free. I have been cooking every meal at home while listening to an audiobook (currently Leonardo Da Vinci Biography by Walter Issacson). Living alone, loneliness can be an issue – still learning how to deal this but it’s important to sink into gratitude when feelings of loneliness come up.

My hope and dream are that we all emerge (collectively) as a society and embrace one another more than we ever have. Being starved for human contact and touch we no longer take for granted all of the opportunities for us to connect.

Much of my time is spent collaborating remotely with the team on launching online Film initiatives via calls, messages and emails.

As a part-time fitness instructor and an active lifestyle enthusiast, throughout the quarantine, it has been imperative to set aside time to work-out whether that is at home on a Yoga Mat or Stationary bike or taking out my beautiful blue/green Bianchi for a long ride on one of Doha’s scenic bike paths.


What is your soundtrack?

There have been a few tracks that have been giving me solace on long solo bike rides through Doha including:

Mirrors (Thuggin) by Lotus, Glasses Malone, Kendrick Lamar

Switch – DEVAULT Remix by 6LACK, Devault

Also I have been listening to nostalgic songs rock songs from Blink 182 for some reason…