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Hansik - Food for the Future

Korea Pavilion Expo Milano 2015

Hansik - Food for the Future Korea Pavilion Expo Milano 2015

"What should we eat? How should we eat? How long can we eat in a sustainable way?"

These are the questions that the Korea Pavilion asks to its visitors for Expo 2015: three question marks that hide many keys of interpretation, declined through an allegorical and conceptual architectural approach.

The structure of the Pavilion is inspired by the "Moon Jar", a traditional Korean ceramic inside which are still preserved foods. The Korean Pavilion summarizes perfectly the concept of Korean natural beauty, with its curves and its oval structure - but at the same time also embraces the western culture, drawing inspiration from the urban planning of ancient Rome. A symbolic building to enclose a symbolic culture.

The first exhibition addresses problems concerning contemporary eating habits and culinary culture: problems caused by overeating, the consistent over-production of processed foods and the depletion of food resources are expressed in the form of three very strong visual artworks, to sensitize spectators.

A solution to the contemporary food culture is the Hansik, the traditional Korean food, consisting of balanced dishes that take into account several aspects - such as seasonality, colors and ingredients - ensuring the right mix of nutrients, balance and taste. Walking along the pavilion, from the theme of balance we arrive to those of fermentation and storage, basic concepts of Korean food culture.

The Hansik is therefore the Korean proposal regarding the future of food: a food that ensures a healthy life in harmony with nature.

The Korea Pavilion will be animated during the entire period of Expo by a series of events, such as the recent performance of the crew "Saeng Dong - Gam", in the top rankings of world Break Dance, who has performed with three Street Dance Battle, making us finish the Korean tour with a big smile.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in a very fascinating culture, you must visit the Korea Pavilion during Expo 2015.

It's worth it, forewarned...