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How do Kpop stars leave their mark?

From Dior's ambassador Jisoo to the new faces of the genre

How do Kpop stars leave their mark? From Dior's ambassador Jisoo to the new faces of the genre

Last week saw the ready-to-wear fashion show of the Chanel house. Many celebrities crowded the front row, such as Vanessa Paradis, Angèle, and Penélope Cruz. However, the one who made the biggest impression was none other than Jennie from the K-pop group BLACKPINK. The name "Jennie" dominated countless headlines, most praising her outfit inspired by ballet costumes with a gothic-ish spin. In recent years, we've witnessed a true surge in popularity of K-pop artists. Often, they make headlines with each public appearance where their attire, makeup, and more are closely scrutinized. For example, Jisoo, a fellow member of BLACKPINK, went viral for her unexpected rock look at the 2023 fall/winter Dior show, or Hanni from NewJeans who caught social media attention with her surprising hair transformation at the 2023 Gucci show. But how do K-pop stars manage to make waves wherever they go?

For context, in recent years, we've witnessed a global rise in popularity of South Korean culture. There's even a term to describe the phenomenon: "Hallyu," which literally means "Korean wave" in Korean. This influence extends beyond music to include the film industry (e.g., the global success of Past Lives), gastronomy, fashion, makeup, and more. Within this framework, some might even speak of a genuine "obsession" with South Korean culture on an international scale. The world of K-pop is particularly mesmerizing; artists are presented as flawless beings, skilled in singing, dancing, with a physique that corresponds to the beauty standard of East Asia. The K-pop fanbase is a highly passionate community, willing to, for instance, spend colossal sums to buy advertising spaces such as billboards in Times Square to promote their favorite artists.

The influence of these stars is proven economically. For example, Jisoo of BLACKPINK as a global ambassador for Dior, has contributed to generating a turnover of 693 million euros in 2 years, with astonishing growth of 51%. It's clear that the influence of K-pop stars is immense and their fans are intensely engaged. Every event where the singers appear, fans rush for the latest news to be aware of every detail. This results in articles about stars such as Twice, BTS, or aespa garnering strong engagement and high traffic. In other words, these names appear as powerful keywords in terms of SEO. It might be that the reason every entrance of a Korean pop artist becomes an event is a combination of fan dedication and the press's awareness that just mentioning these names will drive clicks. In any case, it's highly plausible that Korean culture continues to gain power and might one day stand on par with American culture.