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Five very good reasons to visit Fondazione Prada

Give Me Five

Five very good reasons to visit Fondazione Prada Give Me Five

The new headquarters of the Fondazione Prada, designed by the architectural firm OMA and led by Rem Koolhaas, will open its doors tomorrow in Milan. Characterized by an articulated architectural configuration - which combines seven existing buildings and three new buildings: the Podium, the Cinema and the Torre - the Fondazione is the result of the transformation of a distillery dating from the early twentieth century. The complex covers a total area of 19,000 square meters in the south of Milan, in Largo Isarco: a real space for art, a place to breath creativity and innovation, a few steps from the city center.

After having visited, explored, discovered and experienced the new Fondazione Prada, we can give you five good reasons so that you can do the same:

1. Bar Luce

Wes Anderson is a genius: the proportions, the symmetries, the warm colors, the psychology of the characters...every element present in his films has his signature in red letters on. From tomorrow you can immerse yourself in the surreal atmospheres of Anderson having a coffee at the Bar Luce of the Fondazione Prada, created by the director. Inspired by the traditional cafes of Milan - and by the neorealist cinema - the Bar Luce will surely become one of the hot spots of the city.

2. Roman Polanski - "My Inspirations"

The flexible and multifunctional space of the Cinema will host "Roman Polanski: My Inspirations". Roman Polanski will explore the influences that inspired his film, in a project that will result in a new documentary. The selection of films will include both those that marked the infancy of Polanski, and his most recent influences. An intimate look into the life of the director, viewable from 22 May.

3. The Haunted House

The Haunted House is one of the old buildings of the Fondazione Prada. The architectural project has preserved and strengthened its structure by coating the outer surface with a layer of gold leaf. A precious envelope containing precious works: a permanent installation conceived by Robert Gober and two works by Louise Bourgeois.

4. Damien Hirst - "Lost Love"

A cube filled with water and tropical fish, in which a gynecological position is immersed, with all its tools. "Lost Love", the installation of Damien Hirst in the Cisterna space, is surreal, disturbing and incredibly allegorical. It's part of Trittico, a project that provides the presentation in rotation of three works from the Prada collection, all with formal and conceptual similarities.

5. "Serial Classic" and "An Introduction"

The exhibition "Serial Classic" - located on two floors of the new Podium building - deals with seriality and the copy in the world of classical art. The majority of the works date from the second century AD and are accompanied by a series of copies - like the Bronzo di Riace. In the Galleria Sud there's the "An Introduction" exhibition: a collection of works of the '60s, from New Dada to Minimal Art.