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Petra Collins and Aaron Rose create films for Cos

the opposing natures of NYC and LA

Petra Collins and Aaron Rose create films for Cos the opposing natures of NYC and LA

When talent is innate and overflowing there is nothing that can stop him. The living proof that the millennials have much to tell you Petra Collins. Photographer, filmmaker and artist. It is not enough, she was born with the neofemminism of the 2000s, when no one thought there was more need revives the need. A figure of woman hyperrealistic that upsets and attracts in its simplicity. After the great success of the Art Basel Miami, dives into a new project: a short film sponsored by Cos. The Swedish brand will open its first store in the new continent, so the idea is to explore the United States, from East to West. The Collins has produced a film "Drive Time", set in Los Angeles, while Aaron Rose with "The Bubble" described the lifestyle of New York. A journey in search of creativity that permeates the two American cultural centers. The works reveal the personal perspective of the two directors on the corresponding city and how the urban environment influences creativity. Petra Collins describes a cross-section of women from LA, in full style of the photographer. Girls that are told and in the background the city of angels.

 No time to stop that Collins has already moved south to a collaboration with BBDakota. Petra and Anna Ballins explore the deep south of the United States and will produce three short films. The first stop is at a college in New Orleans with a mission to describe the strength of adolescence through the portraits of a team of majorettes.

The fundamental question is what it means to be young in 2015, for Collins is: "Being able to be whoever you want and do whatever you want -especially in terms of gender. It's so fluid now, Which is awesome. "Nothing could be more simple and natural.


We will follow the steps of our favorite photographer in the next stages of her trip..stay with us!