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Tumblr - CamGirlsProject

Naked ambition

Tumblr - CamGirlsProject Naked ambition

Once we were traveling in the city 's most famous art in the world to see the works of the great masters, now, simply click on Camgirls project.

The Venus of the 800 paintings and self-portraits of the girls of today , this is the idea behind the Tumblr "CamGirlsproject" made by Vanessa Omoregie. "I started this Tumblr in response to all the negative comments that can be read when posting self-portraits ." It is a participatory website , it is enough to choose one of the paintings from a list, photograph themselves , not necessarily nude , send pictures and wait for the montage . A project that combines the artistic eroticism and the more intimate , but also a reflection on the image of the woman on the web: "A self-timer is your representation and you can control what the world sees . People often talk about the image of women I wanted to create a space in which for once are women talking about themselves. " 

Here you are the Venus nineteenth century as the mother has done.