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The new Plan X Art Gallery exhibition in Milan

Between physical works and NFT

The new Plan X Art Gallery exhibition in Milan  Between physical works and NFT

Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile, founders of Plan X Art Gallery, a space with the intention of giving life to an unconventional and innovative art gallery, with two locations in Milan and Capri, presents FOMO-Fear of Missing Out, the first exhibition of the year organized at the Milan gallery, open from February 2nd to March 2nd.

Curated by Talvir Thind, collector and crypto art expert, the exhibition features works by fifteen international artists: Tom Yoo, Blake Kathryn, Noealz, NoruPixels, DotPigeon, KidEight, Jenny Mjiang, Eirdis, Brittaisthebest, La + ch, Rociel art, Will Nichols, Cb Hoyo, Francesco de Molfetta and Stephy Fung. On the occasion of the exhibition, as usual for PlanX, the dual mode of presentation of the works in the gallery will be re-proposed, simultaneously with the drops on the NFT Nifty Gateway marketplace. The gallery's mascot will also be presented, a security token that will grant owners VIP access to all future gallery exhibitions and projects. Marcello Polito and Nicolò Stabile approach art with an unusual perspective, through which artists often assume the power and freedom to convey provocative messages, use unusual materials and represent discordant realities. An innovative and attentive approach to contemporaneity that led the duo to be nominated in 2020 by Forbes in the "30 Under 30" list.

The exhibition can be visited in Via Marsala 7, Milan, from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 to 18.30.