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The new Off-White™'s "HOME" 3.0 collection

Home decor according to Virgil Abloh

The new Off-White™'s HOME 3.0 collection Home decor according to Virgil Abloh

After the first two drops dedicated to home design and his collaboration with the historic Ginori brand, Virgil Abloh continues his line of décor with the new "HOME" 3.0 collection by Off-White™. Focused on doormats, cups, glasses and notebooks, the brand's third "HOME" collection transports into lifestyle the stylistic features seen on the Off-White catwalk™ such as the subtle structural distortions and holes that decorate carpets and doormats. Thanks to these light touches, Abloh realizes the mission of the «taking the familiar and making it new» - which is also the unifying philosophy of all his design works.

The highlight of the collection is certainly the doormat with the inscription "Watch Your Step" and decorated with the Swimming Man Logo of Off-White™. Other highlights of the new drop are also the silver Meteor Ashtray decorated with the brand's famous arrows and the set of octagonal coffee cups with matte finishes in both black and beige colorways. The second chapter of the collection is glassware, with a series of high and low glasses of crumpled effect glass decorated on the bottom by the logo.

La nuova collezione "HOME" 3.0 di Off-White™ è già disponibile online sul sito ufficiale del brand e nei flaghship ufficiali.