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Meet DIANA ROJAS, A Shoe Sculptor

The artist who reproduce the most famous shoes in ceramic.

Meet DIANA ROJAS, A Shoe Sculptor The artist who reproduce the most famous shoes in ceramic.


The idea that the fashion industry is often strongly influenced by art is no secret. Designers over the years have taken inspiration from great artists, Louis Vuitton by Van Gogh, Ferragamo by Serge Lutens or even Calvin Klein being influenced by Andy Warhol. However it’s only once in a while that we see the opposite happening, artists being influenced by fashion. Twenty-year-old Colombian ceramic artist Diana Rojas draws her influence directly from the industry of fashion,  specifically, the world of footwear.  The New Jersey based artist was initially inspired by a pair of Nike shoes she created and since then has created oversized and actual-sized versions of shoes such as Balenciaga crocs, Nike Air Forces and has even recently collaborated with Adidas on a giant pair of Stan Smiths. We linked up with the artist to have a chat about the thoughts behind her art pieces. 


Where did you learn ceramics? 

I graduated from Prat Institute in 2016, I took my first ceramics lesson during my freshman year and I completely fell in love with the medium. 

What was the first piece you’ve ever created ? 

I believe it was a series of giant ceramic hotdogs. My professor wanted us to learn different methods of building so each of the hotdogs were build by clay using different methods. 

What inspires you? 

Social media, trends, fashion and my dog ! 

Is there a reason you chose to specialise in shoes ? 

I started making shoes after noticing how the pair of Nike Air Forces I wore to the studio often look like they were made of clay. I wanted to try replicating them. Around that time I was studying the shoes I was saw around the city. I noticed how popular the Stan Smiths were in Soho for example and in Greenpoint it was Converse’s Chuck Taylors and I thought it would be cool to recreate them. 

What’s the biggest shoes you’ve ever created? 

It was the Adidas Stan Smiths for Stan Smith’s book Some People Think I’m a Shoe shot by Juergen Teller. It was such a crazy and fun project to be a part of considering that one of the first shoes I’d made were a pair of Stan Smiths. 

How long does one piece take you to make? 

It depends on the size and amount of detail but a “to scale” shoe normally takes about 2-3 hours to sculpt. The sculpted piece then takes a few days to dry. After that then I glaze it and it goes into the kiln to be heated.

What’s your favourite sneaker you’ve ever created?

The Balenciaga Triple S sneaker has been my favorite so far. I love the chunkiness of the sole. 

What’s your favourite sneaker that you haven’t yet created?

I really want to make the recent Comme des Garçon x Nike Shox collaboration sneaker.

What’s the next shoe that we should look out for in your work? 

Right now I'm working on a series of Balenciaga Triple S sneakers merged with other shoes, like a Balenciaga Triple S x Tabi. I'm super excited about this series! 

Do you own/buy any of the shoes you create or do you just create from photography references?

I normally work from photo references of as many angles as possible of the shoes. 

What are some shoes you’ve created? 

Some of my favorites I've worked on have been the HBA double boot, Balenciaga crocs, Gucci platforms, Vetements Ankle  boots, Chanel trainers, Dolce and Gabbana bejeweled cowboy boots , Margiela Tabi boots, Nike Air Forces, Adidas Stan Smiths, and Uggs. 

Where can one view/purchase your work?

By contacting me on instagram or email & instagram @0h_heck