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Matteo De Clercq's Bounce Chairs

When streetwear meets furniture design

Matteo De Clercq's Bounce Chairs When streetwear meets furniture design

A Swiss Ball is an object usually associated with the world of fitness but also a type of ergonomic seat that the young Roman designer MDCQ has decided to transform into a real design seat under the name of Bounce Chair, with a "cover" created starting from the deconstruction and reconstruction of streetwear garments by adidas, Stone Island, Red Bull and Carrots x Iuter with the aim of creating a connection between fashion and interior design. MDCQ told nss magazine about the creative process that led him to create the object:

«Personally, I have always felt like an outsider in the creative industry mainly because I come from a rather entrepreneurial rather than creative academic background. This is probably one of the reasons why I initially approached this project as a game, following my instincts, curiosity and passion for the industry. Not by chance, I built my first project around a sphere, a shape that recalls the playing ball, an element familiar to us all».

To the creativity of the decoration, it combines the functionality of an egorgonomic seat that favors correct posture and muscular work while preserving its nature as a design object. With the Bounce Chair, MDCQ wanted to elevate the Swiss Ball concept to a new level of aesthetics, transforming it into an object that is in an intermediate position between functionality and style. An object that is also a reflection of our times, which contrasts the notion of modern craftsmanship with the industrial model of mass consumption, leveraging important issues such as sustainability and reuse of materials. Design object, therefore, but also communication tool. As MDCQ says:

«Thanks to the Bounce Chair I am not only able to understand fundamental mechanisms in the functioning of the sector but also to build dialogues with some important players in the industry. Characters that I admired from afar a few years ago today seem to be much closer than I thought, and this for me and of fundamental importance as far as my personal growth is concerned».

MDCQ's project has found its way into the fortunate juncture of cross-sectorality that is involving, today, all creative areas with a system of creative contaminations that generate ever new results by overlapping design, fashion and art.