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Perimetro: Milan as you've never seen it before

There's a new community photographic magazine dedicated to Milan

Perimetro: Milan as you've never seen it before There's a new community photographic magazine dedicated to Milan

In the last five years Milan has become the cultural and economic centre of Italy. Talents and creativity can be seen all over Italy, but there's no such city that can promote phantasy and imagination like the Milanese capital. 
The desire to tell the current cultural moment happening right now in Milan has pushed Sebastiano Leddi and Alioscia Bisceglia to found Perimetro: an online community magazine that follows the evolution of the city through the images of well-known and emerging photographers. 

The project originated from a strong need of reconnection with the city. 
In an historical time where people feel alienated, we decided to give life to a reality that drives in the opposite direction. We want to portray the magical moment Milan is living right now, as a boiling pot it pops out news, events, activities, almost every day. 

From Perimetro's Manifesto

The magazine will live mostly online, but it will be printed monthly, a 32-pages extract from the website, entitled Tasca, that will be sold through a network of concept stores. Every issue of Tasca can be seen as the piece of a bigger puzzle: once published, the 12 editions will be collected into a collector's book. 

The protagonists of Perimetro's first issue are Alessandro Furchino Capria, Alessandro Mitola, Alessandro Vullo, Angelo Cirrincione, Carlo Cozzoli, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Donald Gjoka, Hugo Weber, Lady Tarin and Sha Riberio. The cover story was shot by Riberio in Quarto Oggiaro: the goal was to portray in the most honest and direct way one of Milan's most criticised and badly judged neighborhoods. There isn't a leitmotiv, all photographic reportages are different, you go from the irony of Carlo Cozzoli who shot the Apple Store inauguration, to the sexy birthday at Bar Basso photographed by Lady Tarin to the documentary and series taste of Alessandro Furchino Capria who portrayed the people from Puglia now living in Milan. 

As Sha Ribeiro told us during the presentation of Tasca at the Milan Triennale, the aim is to narrate the city of Milan in 2018 through a series of pictures: 

The main idea is to report on the city, to then look back at it in like 10-20 years, it's an ambitious idea that nobody has done before. Gathering photographers with a different taste and with different techniques to talk about the same wide and at the same time specific topic of "Milan in 2018."