On the occasion of the opening of the Milan Design Week, next April 17th, the enchanting Triennale garden will host an undefeatable event dedicated to music, entertainment and Italy.

A tribute to the Mediterranean Sea for four hours of musical performance spent together, curated by Paquita Gordon, with the collaboration of the percussionist Nino Errera and of the sound designer Filippo BrancadoroNature, its melodies, will make this opening event an opportunity to break away from the daily frenzy and to enjoy the beautiful things that our Earth offers us.

To make it even more magical, an analog set-up consisting of three turntables, modular synthesizers, percussion and an audio system created on the basis of a '70s project. All designed by the Vulcano Cultural Association in collaboration with La Collina di Loredana. To mark on the agenda: April 17, Opening Event of the Triennale Design Week 2018.

Milano Design Week: the unmissable opening event of the Milano Triennale A tribute to the Mediterranean Sea | Image 0