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inhabit #16 - Madbutt

Home is like a big warm cuddle

inhabit #16 - Madbutt  Home is like a big warm cuddle

Madelaine Buttini, a collage artist from Australia with a great love for the big apple, is the protagonist of inhabit # 16. With these two collages, she tells us what "home" means for her.




Home to me is like a big warm cuddle - you feel so happy to be there. I feel most at home when I am in New York City. I come from a small city in Australia called Brisbane, which is nothing compared to Manhattan. I love the hustle and bustle of a large city but New York offers something no other city does: a multitude of art, everything you could imagine from Galleries to graffiti. My first trip was last year and since then I have been five times to visit, always regretfully leaving with tears streaming down my face but knowing it will always be there if I want to come back. I hope to one day call New York City my home.

Madelaine Buttini (Madbutt) is a visual artist from Brisbane, Australia currently exploring with hand cut and digital collage using vintage and modern materials. 

Over the past year, Madelaine has exhibited in New York, London and throughout the East Coast of Australia. Her works have been featured in VICE Magazine and vastly online since Lana Del Rey shared one of her first public works, Brigitte Bardot & The Moons in early 2017 to promote her latest album. Since then her commercial work is within inspiration sections of fashion literature and on covers of books and albums. 

As an artist, Madelaine aspires to bring attention to important issues that affect a variety of communities. Most recently discussing within original works the issue of consent within female circumcision (FGM) at her first Sydney group exhibition and exhibition within the city. 


IG @madbutt