The third Edicola issue, the red, is now online.

The main theme on which the whole issue revolves around this color personal and collective perception. Art director and founder of the studio Braga + Federico, Giuliano Federico presented his project #jerryredemption.

We have asked him directly to talk to him and to explain why this color so fascinates him.

"I do not want to explain what the red represents to me, it's a very big thing. And neither why I'm in love with Justin Bieber, that's pretty much connected to red. Superficial people are obsessed by explanations and, I admit this, in these times superficiality is sending me into crisis.
I am fascinated by the pathetic and by the abatement of the ridiculous' threshold.

Red crashes all the algorithms of today's social networking platforms. On these platforms, born to crush individuals into a low solitude, red produces a blur of pixels that poison the mediocre aspiration to beauty that today - thanks to the ease of technology and interfaces - anyone believes they are able to produce. 

An epochal disaster, to which red seems to revolt against by its very nature! As for Justin Bieber, let's call it Jerry. Why Jerry? Here, this question is really inappropriate. My advice? Follow and study Justin Bieber".


Discover #jerryredemption by Giuliano Federico, here