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inhabit #0 - this is inhabit

The concept of "home" as a living and sharing space

inhabit #0 - this is inhabit The concept of home as a living and sharing space

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Inhabit is the brand new format of nss magazine dedicated to art and its interpreters. One theme and endless, different perspectives. "inhabit" aims to be a platform which evolves constantly, a space for artists from all over the world, willing to share their art with us and with you. Illustrators, designers, digital artists, and photographers. The key concept of "home" is what the whole format is about, seen as living and sharing space. Not the house made up of rooms and surrounded by walls, but that inner space where our intimate self-dwells.

"inhabit"’s artists allow us to peek into their "homes" and we, asking their permission, invade their intimacy for a while, looking through their artworks and words. The attractiveness of this theme makes creativity overflow, for being both timeless and as relevant as never. Riccardo Guasco, Anna Grimal, e Laro Lagosta are only some of the names whose pieces you will see in this project. The final outcome? It’s hard to tell. "inhabit" is like a puzzle of which the missing piece is never to be found, always open and prone to welcome a new fragment, a new story, a new emotion.

This is "inhabit", this is sharing.
And we can’t wait to share it with you.