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Sunday Escape - The 7th Room

Enjoy the opportunity to sleep suspended in time and space

Sunday Escape - The 7th Room Enjoy the opportunity to sleep suspended in time and space

Few things are reminiscent of the carefree days of childhood as the tree houses. Places, literally and metaphorically, suspended in time and space where to live our fantasies forgetting the rest of the world, places where many adults still want to escape to. Thinking at this group of romantic dreamers, architects and designers with technical skills and visionary spirit create wonderful shelters on the branches. A successful example is "The 7th Room". The room is part of the Treehotel Harads, in Sweden, complex owned by Britta and Kent Lindvall inspired by the film "The Tree Lover" and composed by a collection of guest suites, all different, located at various points of a wide pine forest. This new building, designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Sn¯hetta and placed 10 meters in height, allows you to stay between heaven and earth. A staircase takes guests from the ground and up in the cabin, along with a small lift to transport luggage. The basis of this exceptional property occupies a space of 100 square meters, is covered with a large print in black and white print of trees reaching up into the sky, supported by 12 columns, reducing the load borne by the trees, its impact on the surrounding forest and giving stability. Between the columns, a central double rope net offers the possibility to sleep outside under the stars. The 7th Room, being constructed as a traditional Nordic cabin, has a wooden façade covered with pine boards and a burnt surface to create a dark free facade and maintenance. Even inside prevail sober lines and natural materials. The indoor flooring is made from ash wood and has variable heights, while the birch plywood is used for interior walls. Crossing the threshold of entry, you arrive in the lounge area, furnished with a central pellet stove and basic furniture, but with some design pieces like the Scandia Chair or with birch veneer made lamps created by the lighting of Ateljè Lyktan. Always here a north-facing floor-to-ceiling window gives you the best chance to see the Aurora Borealis or the breathtaking panorama from the treetops, Lapland and the Lule River. The beautiful sky is also admired by large opening skylights that are in the bedrooms. The design of The 7th Room aims to bring people and nature closer together, gives those who stay the possibility of becoming kids again and enjoy the beauty of Scandinavian territory.

What you are waiting for? It's almost Valentine's Day, what better time to spend a night near the stars?