On the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 96 Baracuta has unveiled its latest projects to buyers and experts, aimed at restoring a new image of the Manchester-born brand in 1937, the year in which the first Harrington Jacket was created. An icon that has marked important chapters of the cinematographic and artistic history, but also the habits of high-ranking students in American universities and rebels of European sub-cultures of the mid-1900s.
The G9 is at the centre of the event set up in the WP pavilion in Florence, where artist C.J.Pidloan gave life to a live painting performance using the jackets symbolizing the taste and the history of Baracuta as a canvas. The models of the new collection for the occasion have been personalized with the initials of some guests, modifying the logo of the brand founded by the brothers John and Isaac Miller.

The theme of the event, in line with the objectives of recent seasons, was to reinterpret an icon of fashion, adding a touch of modernity to the CasualCore by Baracuta.
In line with these objectives is the collaboration with Atelier & Repairs, the brand that is reinterpreting the codes of fashion and streetwear following a very decisive mission: "0% production. 100% transformation". The aim of Atelier & Repairs is to guide the fashion system towards more ethical values, linking creativity and sustainability with a style that from its origins has anticipated the success of the customization of recent years. Maurizio Donadi - founder of the brand - during the event told us about the importance of a sustainable approach and the difficulty in reinterpreting a piece of clothing history like the Baracuta's Harrington Jacket.

#1 How did the collaboration with Baracuta come about?

By chance, like the most beautiful unions! The mutual respect - between WP, Baracuta and Atelier & Repairs - is such that the idea of a collaboration was in the air from the first moment we met. Philosophically we were already aligned. The union between an iconic brand like Baracuta and our creative and circular approach was natural.

#2 Why do you think the Harrington Jacket has been used by so many subcultures and what was your key to interpreting such an iconic garment?

The simplicity of its design, its functionality and the perfect construction of this iconic jacket are equivalent, at least in our opinion, to the definition of "white canvas". Not surprisingly, the Harrington Jacket has been adopted for 70 years by different social tribes (Punks, Mods, photographers, etc. but also by the ordinary citizen) all united in considering this piece of clothing a secure base for their personalities, whether they were simple or complex. 

#3 What does "intentional design" mean?

It simply means drawing - or redesigning, in the case of Atelier & Repairs - with a purpose in mind. Often it is drawn without any objective. Having a cause pushes the mind to elaborate differently, with an enlarged (intention) vision, innovative and above all useful to the citizen.

#4 In 2019 sustainability was a real trend, how can design enhance the use of recycled materials?

Sustainability is not a trend, but a mission. Sustainability is a trend for companies that have run out of ideas and cling to large social movements to make marketing campaigns. I would call it creative poverty. But more than sustainability I would talk about social responsibility, given that the clothing industry is the second largest source of pollution in the world after oil.

#5 Is the success of the custom of these years helping the growth of the idea of circular production?

It's hard to answer since the "custom" trend has always existed as a form of personalization (from cars to shoes, etc. etc.) while circular production has become the only healthy industrial and philosophical form to continue living in harmony with nature and with our neighbour. 


Video by Stefano Resciniti
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