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One Million Commandments

Rappers are the new Gods

One Million Commandments Rappers are the new Gods

Maybe you've never devoted a few minutes of your precious time to reflect on the inner wealth of rapper but, fortunately, there are those who did it for you. The artist Cecilia Azcarate, the graphic designer Felipe Rocha and the coder Tiago Duarte, having noted the growing influence of these figures in society, have drawn a conclusion: the rappers do not save in terms of reasoning, judgment and wisdom. 

Let's stop associating only with the punches, to tears tattooed on his cheek or dissing: today is all well and good to consider them the same way as true divine entity who, through their daily sentencing on Twitter stir consciences and lead to action. 

Like any self-respecting deity, even the precepts of the rappers are enclosed in a sacred text: Thank you so all together the three young men up here for having created "The One Million Commandments", that kind of site you unconsciously want from a life but that you did not know could exist. Its contents, ie the teachings and maxims uttered by the rapper, now become indispensable for you in case you want to pursue an irreproachable conduct. You do not have to do is type the name of your favorite MC and have free access to its universal wisdom. In the name of Pharrell and Tyler the Creator, Amen.