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Cool Chit Chat - SOCHI 2014

The worst uniforms

Cool Chit Chat - SOCHI 2014  The worst uniforms

The Olympics scent is felt distinctly now .

Russia has opened its doors to the world with the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. A great show but, to be honest, not overly exciting. Like the Brothers Karamazov made show. Traditions in part we are interested in the athletes, who are extremely proud of their own nation parading in front of the entire globe. Parade is the correct term , is the perfect opportunity to observe expressions of fashion world wide that can sometimes lead to confusing results . Despite not seem conceptually difficult to match the colors of their flag and tradition.

We determined the winners podium, too easy: USA, Russia and Italy.

But we like to wallow in embarrassment and then abandon the dreams of glory and dive in the degradation of style. It was hard to you have done it to create the most horrific uniforms in Olympic history .


Kayman Islands and Bermuda

Probably they wanted to be witty . Parading in bermuda shorts and flip flops and there seems to be a bit ' too daring, considering the freezing temperatures. Ok tradition, but we have come dressed as gondoliers .


Rainbow uniforms. The move did not happen, who says that it was a reference to the Russian gay gate, who endure remembering the Germn bad taste. To you the answer, no doubt who created it was under the influence of amphetamines.


We may have exaggerated a bit with tradition, eh Kazakhs ? Or you wanted to do a remake of the Power Rangers ?


An entire team of metal workers in logistic activity in Sochi .. when we talk about an underground outfit..


We are perplexed , Mexicans have moved a dress on a ski suit . The result is so funny that we expect to see Speedy Gonzales at any moment .


There are no words , those with astigmatism hate this outfit .


A free quote smurfs . Friends of Taipei, we Italians have a problem with light blue, but there are different solutions to get a diving suit monochrome .


Palm - sun everywhere, Tongans are so fond of them that decide to stamp vegetation on the belly. Questionable.


And whatever it is, may the best win !