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The greatest Christmas decorations

Outdoor edition

The greatest Christmas decorations Outdoor edition

After thinking about the best gift to create a wishlist worthy of its name and after discovering the disturbing world of the worst Christmas jumper, we can't refrain from talking about one of the best ways to dive fully into the festive spirit: the lights and the Christmas decorations. 

If, however, in principle the use of these decorations was limited to the creation of an intimate and relaxed atmosphere inside the houses, with the progress of this habit - and of the kilometers , since it registers its highest level overseas - the Christmas decorations have increasingly moved outside the home to become the emblem of a society that more and more exhibitionist.

Now let's have an hot chocolate on the sofa and let's see the most extravagant Christmas decorations - or the coolest, for the lovers of abundance.

Less is more. No thanks.

One thing is clear: the owners of these houses haven't definitely a dress of Maison Martin Margiela in the closet.

I haven't a dog but I have Santa Claus in my garden.

Why buying a dog to keep out the thieves when you can safely raise a huge Santa Claus/snowman/yeti outside your door, however, that fulfills the same task?

A toy store in the garden.

...Or: My son invited his friends to play and I don't want to tidy up the mess they left behind.

Pimp my ride.

Maybe Xzibit didn't mean this.

The Christmas tree in the dinning room is old school.

The Christmas tree is an evergreen. But here it's not very "green".

NSS staff isn't responsible for any permanent eye damage caused by reading this article.

Merry Christmas.