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Cool Chit Chat - People we miss

Leo di Caprio and other stories

Cool Chit Chat - People we miss Leo di Caprio and other stories

There are those moments when you sit on the couch and think that with the remote control in a hand, you will solve all your problems. 

Such an illusion, I look at the screen and a little further down, in the library, I see: "Titanic": the most painful videotape of the history. I still remember when, 8 years old, they give me it as a present. I wanted it so much that I had asked every day in front of the little altar of Leonardo di Caprio, the room plastered with posters and stickers. The Di Capriers, they opened the roads to all girls of the new millennium. Why psychosis are certainly not new. Dear Beliebers, Directioners One, Lovatics ..  we understand u when you cry at concerts, but also for the you tube’s video, for the pictures in the newspapers. If we have had Twitter, we would become all professional stalker. A retweet for life. 

But back to Di Caprio, a jolt to any vision, I felt a bit 'wrong even during The Great Gatsby. That cream outfit Prada will remain in my heart for centuries. 

Open the doors of the past is not always a good idea, hope to turn on Rai 2 and find Solletico with Mauro Serio, Elisabetta Ferracini (who is Mara Venier’s daughter, amazing). There were all these games for children maybe smart, but definitely wise. Spend the afternoon by the phone to be able to participate in competitions on television. And then where the hell is Carmen Sandiego?! I still have serious doubts. In the end, he hated herself, always to escape, take off that jacket red! Then Solletico has been replaced by La vita in diretta but between us remained Michael Cadeddu, that no one knows who said so, but with "Lenticchia" jump on the chair. It's him, that after a million series of "Un medico in famiglia" has ended up as a jockey, or so says Wikipedia. 

Fast channel zapping on Italian 1 and it's all an echo of Cristina d'Avena, well known by older people such as the "valzer del Moscerino"  at Zecchino d'Oro. We twenties instead we know the countless acronyms tv, even if that Kiss me Licia we all know in the porn version. Now the Gem Boy have wanted to tour with them and we bet on the already sold out. Cristina Thanks for introducing us to the trash. 

Then when it began to be air disinhibition turned on Alberto Castagna, Dr. Strangelove or better. The pre-adolescence is not good for anybody, then if you push yourself to fantasize about a camper waiting for you out of the house attached to tearful amorous proposals is THE END. Each time a truck passed in my way was now hope-Castagna.Totally useless. I wonder now how those are finished, will also have grandchildren. And Dr. Strangelove, God rest his soul. 

And then the final plunge: Games without Frontiers. Inflatable slides, swimming pools immense, healthy competition in Europe. And then: Milly Carlucci, we want to talk about Carlucci? I went looking for photos of when she won Miss Teen, just to find some flaws but no. No difference compared to now, apart arrogant  80s hair. It is evident that the cryotherapy functions. 

And then just, finished, failed. 

Last year a petition to get it back for 4500 has collected signatures throughout Italy. 

attention .... trois, deux, un .... 

Ok I get up from the couch, before we drown all in the 90s.