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Happy Birthday, Leonardo Di Caprio!

His 10 best performances in cinema

Happy Birthday, Leonardo Di Caprio! His 10 best performances in cinema

Tomorrow, one of the most important (and sexy) actor of our era is 44 years old.

With an incredible curriculum, Leonardo Di Caprio never stopped making dreams, playing different roles and facing every challenge in cinema and in life - once he even risked to die after launching with a damaged parachute. 

Among his passion for nature, art and models, Leo has an only one true love: the cinema. For this reason we want to celebrate him remembering his 10 best performances in cinema.


#1 This Boy's Life (1993)

At just 19 years Di Caprio has challenged in a scene of 'struggle' the well-known actor Robert De Niro. Kicks, barrels and broken tables, a son, a monstrous father and screaming to freeze the blood.


#2 What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

A young Leonardo Di Caprio interprets Arnie, a difficult kid that always risks life climbing on the town's plummeter. Indeed, this young promise has earned an Oscar nomination singing in a scene with Johnny Depp "Match In The Gas Tank, Boom Boom!".


#3 Total Eclipse (1995)

The scene with the kiss between Leonardo Di Caprio and David Thewlis...epic!


#4 Titanic (1997)

Forget the romantic moment on the ship when the wind melted Rose's wavy hair and Jack embraced it intensely, the real cult moment is exactly when, with a witty eye and pencil in his mouth, Leo portrays the nude protagonist on the thalamus. Masterpiece!


#5 Inception (2010)

The first lesson of 'shared dream' is certainly one of the most overwhelming moments of the film. With his colleague Ellen Page, Leonardo Di Caprio is immersed in another dimension and, with conviction and disturbing tone, recites the phrase "It's never just a dream."


#6 Shutter Island (2010) 

The scene with his wife is one of the most iconic in the movie, when the cards begin to find out and everything makes sense for Teddy. Swollen, reddish eyes, anger and love, all one magnificent instant.


#7 Django Unchained (2012)

Old Ben ... a strong and significant moment. In an interview with ABC News, Leonardo Di Caprio said he had actually cut a glass of glass during the scene, continuing to play.


#8 Il grande Gatsby (2013)

Mischievous smile, unrestrained luxury and a glass of champagne in his hand: cin!


#9 The Walf of Wall Street (2014)

We can't cite the rallenty scene when the protagonist, with the cocaine effect, drags himself slowly with all the strength, from the apartment to his car. A real suffering also for the spectator, synonymous of great recitative talent.


#10 Revenant (2015)

The best moment? Is the fight against the bear or his face during (finally) the delivery of the Oscar?