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Tyler The Creator's Four Favorite Movies

The rapper listed them in his latest self-interview

Tyler The Creator's Four Favorite Movies The rapper listed them in his latest self-interview

During last Wednesday's Adobe MAX 2020 Creativity Conference, Tyler, The Creator made a surprise appearance with a funny self-interview during which the rapper once again got to demonstrate all his histrionism by playing three different characters: himself, the parody of a New York rapper and a journalist inspired by that Igor staged by Tyler in the numerous video clips taken from the album of the same name. 

The semi-serious interview touched on various topics, from personal questions to the fact that Tyler would like to duet, if he could, with Amy Winehouse, Jamiroquai or Michael Jackson. But more interesting were two questions about Tyler's favourite films, which he nominated four admitting he couldn't think of a fifth. 

To better explore his tastes, nss magazine has compiled a list of Tyler The Creator's four favourite films

Napoleon Dynamite (Jared Hess, 2004)

An absolute cult movie of the early 2000s, Napoleon Dynamite is one of those films that can only happen once every generation. The peculiarity of this film is its quality as a local project: director and protagonist met at university, the idea of the character was born during a university project and was shot and set in the director's hometown. Made on a tiny budget within three weeks (it cost $400,000 and earned $46 million), this film entered the annals of American comedy for its surreal scenes (iconic remains that of school dance with Jamiroquai in the background) and for its aesthetic that anticipated the rise of normcore, the wave of vintage and, according to Repeller, even the western period of Raf Simons and the very short but significant era of CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC. 

Scary Movie 2 (Keenen Ivory Wayans, 2001)

The film that turned a simple parody of 90s teen horror into an institution of American comedy cinema. While not the most successful or successful in the saga (the third is definitely the best of the five), Scary Movie 2 contributed to pop culture with at least one iconic character, butler Hanson (that of the legendary line: "My Germs") and launching the saga in a more ambitious direction, which would make him in the following years the forefather of an entire generation of films with trash meta-comedy.

20th Century Women (Mike Mills, 2016)

A small pearl of the American indie, 20th Century Women follows the story of a family in California in 1979. With a cast led by Annette Benning, Elle Fanning and Greta Gerwig it is an extraordinarily honest and genuine portrait of the lives of a group of people, of the music they loved, of the way afternoons passed. It is a very artistic film but devoid of any intellectual pretentiousness and for this reason really exciting.

The Cat in the Hat (Bo Welch, 2003)

Absurd and honestly bizarre comedy from one of author Dr Seuss's most famous works, The Cat in the Hat was supposed to replicate the success of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey but critics hated him, as well as Seuss' relatives and even the audience, because of his childish humour and distance from the original book - a true classic for childhood in America. The film is actually not entirely worthless, considered to be both in line with the comedy that Tyler usually brings to the stage and for the absolutely over-the-top aesthetic that distinguishes the film's production, all hypersaturated pastel colours and surrealist scenarios that seem to come out of a toy advertisement that echoes the post-Flower Boy style adopted by Tyler in recent years.