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The life of the royals on Instagram

Young, cute and outrageously rich

The life of the royals on Instagram Young, cute and outrageously rich

Heirs to the throne and members of royal families have been the protagonists of legends ever since humans learned to read and write and, several millennia later, in the height of the digital age, that fascination has not yet run out. According to the Royal Fashion Report published by Lyst, the leading search engine of the luxury fashion world, what the royals of our time do and wear still influence a huge number of people. For example, after Queen Letizia of Spain wore a Zara dress in June, this became the brand's most sought-after globally in the last six months. When Kate Middleton wore a pair of Accessorize earrings, Lyst's searches for "Accessorize earrings" increased by 105% on a weekly basis, and after Charlène of Monaco was seen wearing a yellow leather jacket at the opening of the Tour de France, searches for that same item increased by 31% each week.

After a period of relative obscurity, Europe's ancient royal families and their younger scions are becoming Instagram celebrities. Unlike many influencers, in fact, their lifestyle is really on another level, not to mention that somewhat romantic charm that an emblazoned lineage always carries with it. Unlike the Italian royals, whose story is dotted with more embarrassing episodes than anything else (such as every minute of the reign of Victor Emmanuel III or the participation of Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy in Dancing with the Stars), the Instagram of the princes and princesses of 2020 has become the privileged window on a narrow and closed world in itself , in perpetual contradiction with the chaotic world of today.

That's why nss magazine has compiled a list of the 10 best Instagrams of royals from around the world.

Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark 

Achilles of Greece (@achi_of_greece) is the most up and coming of all Instagram royals. With over 428 thousand followers and an increase of 4.5% each month, the 20-year-old is the third child of the former Greek royal family. A student at New York University, the prince grew up not in Greece but in London. If on his father's part his lineage goes back to the medieval king Louis IV of France, his ancestry on the part of his mother can be traced back, through the billionaire dynasty of the Warren Millers, whose ancestors were the original passengers of the ship Mayflower that brought the first settlers to America.

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark 

Prince Achilles' older sister, Maria Olympia of Greece (@olympiaofgreece) deals with fashion when her life as a socialite does not engage her with parties and luxury travel. At the age of 17, she became an intern in Dior's atelier, studied photography at the Parsons School of Design in New York, graduated in Fashion Business and Marketing from New York University and was a model for Teen Vogue and W Magazine, as well as Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors.

Princess Keisha Omilana of Arigbabuowo

The story of Princess Keisha Omilana (@keishaomilana) is truly fairytale. The princess is not in fact noble by birth but was born in California and dreamed of modeling. One day, while in New York for a casting, she met and began dating an African businessman named Kunle who, after two years of engagement, revealed to her that he was the Nigerian prince Omoba Adekunle Adebayo Omilana of Ipetu-Ijesha of the Yoruba house of Arigbabuowo. Their wedding celebrations in Nigeria lasted a full week. Having become a mother at the age of 22, Princess Keisha continues to work in America both as an influencer, and as the founder of Wonderful Media and the A Crown Of Curls initiative, dedicated to women in the black community. 

Lady Amelia Windsor of St. Andrews

Thirty-nineth in the line of succession to the English throne, Amelia Windsor (@amelwindsor) is descended from the Dukes of Kent and is the third cousin of the most famous William and Harry. Despite her family fortune, the young Lady Windsor works as a model and has walked twice in a Dolce & Gabbana show and has worked for Chanel, Azzedine Alaia and BVLGARI.  

Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Prince of Dubai 

The most followed on this list, with a total of 10.4 million followers, the future Sheikh of Dubai, Hamdan (@faz3), prefers to his long name the nickname of Fazza, "the one who helps" in Arabic. There could be perhaps princely prince more than him: he is also world champion of riding member of the English Royal Ascot, practices sky diving and also writes poems that he posts on the Instagram account. 

Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

Perhaps the second most iconic queen of pop culture after the immortal Elizabeth II of England, Rania of Jordan (@queenrania) is the second most followed royal of Instagram after the Prince of Dubai. Beyond her humanitarian commitment and her role as queen of pop culture (her appearance in San Remo alongside Antonella Clerici who asked her the recipe for her cookies is, to this day, a sublime moment of Italian trash culture), Rania of Jordan does not joke with her looks: her Instagram is a literal cascade of incredible outfits. According to Lyst's Royal Fashion Report, after posting a photo with an Off-White pink pol polista blouse, Lyst's research for the brand's blouses increased by 42%. 

Abdul Mateen, Prince of Brunei 

That of Abdul Mateen (@tmski) is a beautiful life. As well as being more attractive than the lawful with an assault rifle in his arms, brunei's heir to the throne knows how to fly helicopters, he is a graduate of King's College London, is an international polo champion, a gifted guitarist and also owns a domestic tiger. Her Instagram account is definitely the sleeper hit on this list.

Sawai Padmanabh Singh, Maharaja of Jaipur 

The Maharajas still exist even though, since the days of Indian independence, their title has little bearing on politics. Different weight has his bank account which, as you can see from his Instagram (@pachojaipur), allows the 22-year-old polo champion to appear at the Bal des Débutantes with Reese Witherspoon's daughter, of fashion shows for Dolce & Gabbana (which prove a certain fascination with foreign rulers), to take photos in the company of Giorgio Armani and to be immortalized by Mario Testino in his palace.

Princess Talita Natasha Von Fürstenberg 

The royalty of the young Talita (@tvf), however, is not only the heraldry of Grandpa Egon, but also that of the fashion world: the grandmother of the princess is in fact the legendary Belgian designer Diane von Farstenberg. A heavy legacy that the 21-year-old Talita manages well: fencing champion, intern for both Vogue and her grandmother's brand and for Hillary Clinton during her last presidential campaign, the main face of magazines and fashion shows along with her cousins and cousins of the Greek royal family (but she is also related to the Agnelli dynasty) and designer herself. Hers is perhaps the most princely Instagram account of all, including tropical holidays, open balconies on Positano Bay and romantic holidays with the equally aristocratic boyfriend, Rocco Brignone de Brabant.

Lady Kitty Spencer of Kent

The granddaughter of the iconic Princess Diana Spencer, the official face of BVLGARI, a frequent model for Dolce & Gabbana but also a philanthropist and socialite, Kitty Spencer (@kitty.spencer) is perhaps the most successful fusion of the aristocrat and the influencer with 515,000 followers on Instagram. The Milan Fashion Week habitué along with her fiancé, millionaire Michael Lewis, Spencer is perhaps the most-connected royal on this list - and certainly the one with the best Instagram, thanks to the scenes immortalized during her luxurious holidays.