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5 stunning villas on Lake Como where to spend the weekend

To enjoy a relaxing and glam holiday with a unique view

5 stunning villas on Lake Como where to spend the weekend To enjoy a relaxing and glam holiday with a unique view

The smell of wisteria climbing on the gates, gardens in bloom with hedge mazes, the sound of waves made by boats crashing on the shores, the sun reflecting on the blue waters of the lake, the light breeze moving your hair while you taste ice cream. There is something fascinating, timeless and deeply relaxing which attracts millions of visitors to Lake Como every year. As in a postcard from the past, every glimpse tells of an Italy frozen in time made of good food, elegance, decadence, nature, similar to the one that loved to depict Hollywood in the '50s. 

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and George Clooney have always enjoyed spending a few days of vacation or even buying a historic villa overlooking the lake. The website to visit for a dream holiday on the shores of Lake Como is The House of Travelers, the platform that offers accommodation, apartments and historic villas for both a weekend and a longer stay. 

nss magazine suggests you 5 stunning villas on Lake Como where you can spend a relaxing and glamorous stay.

Villa Belvedere

Villa Belvedere overlooks the western shore of Lake Como, where you can enjoy a unique view, including the boat mooring. It is located along the road leading from Como to Cernobbio, in the romantic botanical garden of Villa Sucota, headquarters of the Antonio Ratti Foundation, an art and cultural organization dedicated to textiles and contemporary art. The elegant building can host max 9 people, and it boasts 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 3 outdoor terraces and panoramic windows. 

From €1500 per night.

Villa Liberty Giù

Villa Liberty Giù, a luxurious nineteenth-century building of 600 square meters, is located in Riva, overlooking Lake Como. It is surrounded by a 3000 square meters park which includes a swimming pool, huge ancient trees, flowers and plants providing the ideal spot to relax outdoors among colors and fragrances.

From €1500 per night.

Villa Raimondi Luxe

A villa inside another villa, makes its beauty truly unique. Villa Raimondi Luxe is located on the western shore of Lake Como, 1.5 km far from Cernobbio.  It is surrounded by the private park rich in orange and lemon trees of the historic Hotel Villa Flori, which is famous for having been the wedding location of Giuseppe Garibaldi's wedding. Featuring 180 sqm and a breathtaking view of Lake Como, this deluxe guesthouse is ideal for a special weekend. It offers privacy, bedrooms, a kitchen, an outdoor lounge area for max 5 people.

From €1450 per night.

Villa Abbraccio

This three floors villa, ideal to host a maximum of 7 people, is located in the ancient village of Lenno and offers a 360° panoramic view on the slopes of the western shore of Lake Como which can be enjoyed while relaxing in the beautiful 500 sqm garden surrounding the building. 

From €299 per night.

The Palms's Villa 

Not just ancient mansions. The Palms's Villa is the best place for those who prefer a more modern, clean style, but always equipped with all the comforts: from the living room to the three bedrooms, from the laundry to the solarium where you can soak in the lake and the wonderful view of Como. 

From €399 per night.