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Maserati meets Massimo Bottura

When culture and art are the main ingredients to go beyond the boundaries of imagination

Maserati meets Massimo Bottura When culture and art are the main ingredients to go beyond the boundaries of imagination

"Composing a dish is like assembling a car: the right proportions and joints to create a symphony". There are many points in common in the creative process of making a dish or assembling a car like a Maserati.

It took about a year to design a Levante model together with the star of Italian cuisine, Massimo Bottura, who is also the brand ambassador for Maserati: a direct confrontation with the chef and collaboration with various artists. 

"They asked me: 'try to interpret a car that represents you' [...] so I wanted to be inspired by when I was young and I would take my car and get it dirty with mud [...] when I would come home with a story about my car: a Levante coming back from the Monte Carlo rally whose dirty mud was transformed into a palette of wonderful colors". This is how the Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie Edition for Massimo Bottura was born, a synthesis of this collaboration: an explosion of creativity, a rare demonstration of freedom of expression, and the concretization of a life lived in color. 

"Speed not only on the racetrack but also in thought; [...] with the idea of looking to the past but in a non-nostalgic way to bring the best there was into the future". An idea is common to both Maserati's and Massimo Bottura's journey: a mix of traditions that give life and take us into the future. 

"Underneath (inside) there is history, all around there is contemporaneity / with a multitude of colours that cover everything". A non-homogeneous colouring but precisely "a speed painting process for Maserati as in one of my most famous dishes", not a perfect type of colouring but with a type of high speed painting where mistakes are allowed "the mistake brings you back to reality, the mistake makes you understand that you are human". 

For Massimo Bottura, the off-road motoring experience translates into a work of action painting - each person is the protagonist of a journey: we are transformed by experience, shaped by encounters but also by clashes contaminated by the vibrant colors of culture: "We are celebrating experience: you cannot live without culture". 

All this is part of the project launched by the brand called Maserati Fuoriserie: where the client becomes a true stylist of his own Maserati, availing himself of a personal designer to personalize the interior and exterior of their bespoke car. Maserati becomes an ideal canvas on which to give vent to creativity and energy.