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Slam Jam's Arpabong exhibited in Milan

From digital render to reality

Slam Jam's Arpabong exhibited in Milan From digital render to reality

UPDATE 30.10.20: After presenting the rendering of his Arpabong, realized in collaboration with the New York agency Georgia Studio, the artist Verynice'n'sleazy has transformed his work into reality: today it is in fact possible to admire the Arpabong in the Milanese location of SlamJam where the work was exhibited with a dedicated set-up.

Dating back to ancient Egypt, both music and cannabis have gone hand in hand throughout history. Slam Jam's initiative wants to take a fresh look at this long-standing relationship, celebrating it with a multifunctional symbiotic object that blends a harp with a bong and tells of the harmony between marijuana and music.


The connection between music and marijuana has always been symbiotic. From Louis Armstrong to Aphex Twin, from Snoop Dogg to The Beatles, many are the musicians who have written great hits inspired by cannabis.
Slam Jam has decided to celebrate this special bond with a unique object conceived with the help of the artist Verynicensleazy: the Arpabong. As the word explains, it is a hybrid between harp and bong, between one of the oldest instruments in the world and the symbol of one of the first plants to be cultivated.  

Smoking makes you creative, relaxes, opens your mind. So much so that many scientists also agree that cannabinoids increase activity in the parietal area of the brain, allowing us to process music differently and to establish new relationships with soundscapes that allow a higher level of sound understanding. THC alters our perception of time and space because it increases our sensitivity, which makes us experience songs with greater intensity. 

You can learn more about Slam Jam's Arpabong by visiting the brand's website.