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5 Italian video clips that have made the history (and fashion) of the 2000s

From "Crazy Love" to "New Obsession", rewind of a love story that continues to live in the images of the Y2K style

5 Italian video clips that have made the history (and fashion) of the 2000s From Crazy Love to New Obsession, rewind of a love story that continues to live in the images of the Y2K style

As all those who grew up at the turn of the nineties and the first two thousand years, the same years of MTV and TRL, will know, there was a time when it was music videos – and not social media, shows or TV series, to define the aesthetics of the moment. How many remember the vintage TV, the backpack with the bear and the denim pants of Nuova Ossessione by Subsonica? The title of the 2002 cult single is the perfect interlocking of words to describe the fashion trends of the 2000s in Italy. A fashion that today has made its triumphant return on and off the catwalks: from bob haircuts, through men's nail polishes combined with lipstick and arriving at the sorbet-colored micro-cardigans of the new Blumarine, the latest Millennials and the guys of Gen Z have discovered via Instagram (and Tik Tok) the basics of Y2K aesthetics. But twenty years ago – in the midst of the success of artists like Carmen Consoli and Bluvertigo, dressing like singers in video clips was the only real goal: the aesthetic so imitated by fashion today was actually built and defined video after video by a generation of adoring fans. After all, e-commerce did not exist, and the next step after the debut of a Subsonica short was that of a real treasure hunt through the shops of your city, torturing the clerk on duty and emptying the shelves in search of the garment just like that of the video. And in fact, the merit of having inaugurated in Italy the first era of mini scarves, satin skirts and baggy jeans goes to the music videos of the two thousand years. 

To better explore those years and those aesthetic inspirations back in vogue this year with so much arrogance, we have selected the 5 Italian video clips that have made the history (and fashion) of the 2000s.

Paola e Chiara - Festival (2002)

The runs by the sea, the Brazilian music, a magical night on the beach. In a word, summer. Since 2002, the date of festival's release, the idea of a whole generation's holiday has changed forever. On the same wavelength, aesthetics and vibe of the video clip shot between the Brazilian coasts of Ipanema and Copacabana enhance the sex appeal, mystery and sense of freedom of the summer season. Although Paola and Chiara will probably never get back together, someone still hopes for it; meanwhile, between a peach-colored single-shoulder, a velvet chocker and a T-shirt, the search for the tank top with the inscription Festival continues.

Carmen Consoli - Parole di Burro (2000)

Also known as Narcissus in reference to its psychological implication, Parole di burro is undoubtedly one of Carmen Consoli's most beautiful songs. With a veil of mystery, the music video is no less: looking at the high-neck sweater with cut out detail, but also the knee skirt in cherry-colored satin, it is explained why the work of Nicola Brognano at Blumarine was welcomed with great enthusiasm. The short cut (very short) with a rebel soul, the glam character and the irresistible charm: according to the testimonies, a real must for the first day of high school.

Bluvertigo - Altre F.D.V. (1998)

When Bluvertigo, in 1998, launched the video of Altre forme di vita, they never imagined that the fourth track extracted from the album Metallo non metallo (1997) would pave the way for the customs clearance of the gender issue in the second decade of the new millennium. Of course, nothing totally new after meeting David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Renato Zero, but those who were young in that period cannot deny the aesthetic contribution of Morgan and his group to the style of the time. Smudged lipstick, messy tuft, spoiled enamel; this is the vademecum that, through the video with a dystopian taste and the voluntarily ancient sound, has represented a pillar of change.

Subsonica - Nuova Ossessione (2002)

It's official, the jeans worn by the protagonist of the Subsonica video are the Nuova Ossessione, today as then. The musical short directed by Gaetano Morbioli is built on a single element, an iconic MIVAR 15C1V television: in front of the screen where Samuel sings the second single of the album Amorematico (2002), a girl with helmet hair dances wild. The way she is dressed, she has all the air of being one of us. The denim pants still represent the most beautiful flared model we've ever seen, not to mention the two-tone sneakers – white and navy blue, or the shirt that looks like it just came out of a Subdued store. And how can we forget, after all, the fashion of the backpack-teddy bear?

Fabri Fibra - Applausi per Fibra (2006)

The turning point. Before Applausi per Fibra no one had ever seen a rap video on the small screen: airing the most famous song of Tradimento (2006) MTV did the rest, marking a point of no return for the Italian music scene. From that moment begins the relationship – still ongoing and constantly evolving, of the public with the face of Italian rap. From the first moment the provocative message of the merch IO ODIO FABRI FIBRA has surpassed itself, inaugurating the beginning of a new movement among the boys of the time. Have you noticed how many still live on varsity jackets, New Era and baggy jeans?