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5 Free Online Photography Courses To Follow While In Quarantine

Nikon, Olympus & Leica Are Offering Free Online Courses And Digital Talks

5 Free Online Photography Courses To Follow While In Quarantine Nikon, Olympus & Leica Are Offering Free Online Courses And Digital Talks

While it is true that "photography is the work of the soul", as said by Elliott Erwitt, we can't ignore that its practical and technical side is pretty important, too. And what a better time than this never-ending quarantine to learn its basics? Following nss magazine advices of the 5 free online courses to improve your creativity, then the 5 softwares to download for free, Olympus, Leica and Nikon add themselves to the list of services that are helping the customers in this hard time and are offering a series of online courses and talks. Here's the 5 free online courses to learn something about photography.


Fundamentals of Photography - Nikon

Until April 30, 2020, Nikon is offering its famous 10 online learning classes (that usually cost up to $50 each). Every class is led by a professional photographer who can talk about specific Nikon products, but there is one dedicated to amateurs on how to learn the fundamentals of photography.

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Photographing Children and Pets - Nikon

If you feel already confident with the fundamentals of photography, it's time to take a further step. When the inspiration lack because of the quarantine, Nikon teaches you how to take photographs at your pets.

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Home With Olympus Sessions - Olympus

Olympus launched Home With Olympus Sessions, a digital initiative to connect its public with its technical experts: there's the possibility to sign in for a one-to-one meeting as well as the right to participate at group sessions to listen to the advices of some professionals about different topics, as landscape or underwater photography. Hurry up, because there are limited seats.

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Seeing Through Photographs - MoMA

From a theoretical point of view, among the classes offered by MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York there is one that teaches you how to read photography. Through the extraordinary collection of the Museum, you can revisit 180 years of history of photography analyzing it from different perspectives: as an expression of art, as a documentary, but also as a privileged communication model in the era of visual culture.

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Finally, from April 12th, 2020 Leica is hosting a series of digital talks led by many professionals: photographers, musicians, DJs, actors and other creatives. Particularly, documentarist and photographer Maggie Steber will talk about her Guggenheim-winning project Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma.

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