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"Coronavirus" is one of the most searched words on Pornhub

A closer look at Pornhub insights in the first weeks of COVID19

Coronavirus is one of the most searched words on Pornhub A closer look at Pornhub insights in the first weeks of COVID19

It's no secret that visiting Pornhub is a daily routine for millions of people (more than 120 million, to be fair). In these days of quarantine and #socialdistance, where all the streaming services are giving free accesses all over the world, the most famous porn site has its slice of cake: on March 12, 2020, when the quarantine became real, Pornhub announced that its upgrade Pornhub Premium would be free in all Italy until April 3rd, 2020

As the days went by, the emergency has reached the entire world. With all the people self-isolating and in smart working, even Pornhub was set to register a significant growth of its daily traffic. In a recent article, when asked by Forbes Pornhub shared the insights ratings it registered in these first few weeks COVID19.

Compared to the February insights, statistics unveil that the daily traffic went up 11.6% all over the world. Particularly in Italy (the first Country that went under quarantine and where Pornhub Premium was released for free), traffic on March 12th went up 57%. The week after it was the turn of France (+38.2%) and Spain (+61.3%), then United States (+6.4% on March 17th) and Canada (+7.2%), where Pornhub was born.

Furthermore, it has also changed the time of the day in which people go to Pornhub: in 2019, the biggest number of users was registered online between 11 pm and midnight, but in these days where people are forced at home and most of them do not have to wake up early and go to work, in Europe the favourite time to visit the site shifted to 1 am (+26.4%), whilst at 3 am reached a growth up 31.5% (in Italy +47% at 2 am). A few days later, the States went up 40.3% around 3 am. 

Within the increase of the daily traffic, Pornhub statistics noticed a new "peculiar" trend: users from all the world began to search videos with the tags "Coronavirus" and "Corona Virus". That's right: users search for videos of COVID19 on Pornhub. Since January 25 (the day when "Coronavirus" first appeared in the research), statisticians recorded more than 9.1 million searches containing either the word "corona" o "covid" (9,127,482 million). When compared to the rest of the world, visitors from Slovakia are 119% more likely to search for Coronavirus; in the US, Washington DC has the record.

To the present day, Pornhub is the favourite streaming website in the world. That's why among its contents someone uploaded videos of Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Just remember #STAYHOME and #STAYSAFE, you'll always find something to do.


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