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Burton Snowboards closes its stores to support the Global Climate Strike

"Closed for Business, Open for Action"

Burton Snowboards closes its stores to support the Global Climate Strike Closed for Business, Open for Action

Burton has announced that it will join millions of students and workers during the Week for Future to be held from September 20 to 27, that will culminate in the Global Climate Strike. For this reason, all offices and shops owned by the company will be closed on the day of the strike and employees will receive paid time off to join strikes in their regions. 

Donna Carpenter, co-CEO of Burton, explained her participation in the initiative:

I’ve been so inspired by Greta Thunberg and the students around the world who have used the weekly Fridays for Future protests to beg adults to pay attention to the climate crisis. At Burton, we want to help preserve the winter outdoor experience for future generations, so I’m proud to have our company join Greta’s movement.

Over a year has passed since Greta Thunberg decided on August 20th, 2018 to start a sit-in protest before the parliament in Stockholm to call for urgent action to save the climate, quickly becoming one of the most famous environmentalists in the world. The young activist has traveled the world in her battle and inspired hundreds of thousands of students to take part in Friday's school strikes and to grow the Fridays for future movement. 

During the first international summit of the movement held in Lausanne between August 5 and 9, Greta, together with more than 400 young activists from 38 countries around the world, formulated three important requests to politicians, governments and institutions:

Keep the average global temperature increase within 1.5°C of the pre-industrial level; ensure climate justice while respecting equity; follow the most authoritative and united science currently available. 

For this to happen, from 20 to 27 September, on the occasion of the United Nations summit on climate change in New York, there will be the Week for Future. This is Greta's call:

Starting September 20, we will start a week of climate action during a global strike against climate change. We’re asking adults to step up alongside us (…) Let's all get together, with our neighbors, colleagues, friends, family, and out into the streets to make sure our voices are heard and that this is a turning point in our history.

In Italy, the day chosen for the strike will be September 27. To find out more about the national events, visit Fridays For Future Italy