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Cocoricò closes permanently

The club, symbol of the Italian nightlife, falls into debt

Cocoricò closes permanently The club, symbol of the Italian nightlife, falls into debt

Goodbye Cocoricò. Last June 4 the Rimini courthouse declared the bankruptcy of the company that manages the club, rejecting the request for an arrangement with creditors proposed to avoid bankruptcy.

The news has become official in these hours with its publication on the portal of the failures of the court of Rimini, but the golden age of the club was already over a long time ago. It seems, in fact, that trouble for the structure began around 2015 when a 16-year-old kid lost his life in the club due to an overdose of MDMA, leading to the closure of the premises for four months. In the meantime, Guardia di Finanza has begun to investigate for VAT evasion, non-payment of TARI and numerous artists including DJ Gabry Ponte who has requested the seizure of the trademarks Titilla and Memorabilia and claims a debt of about 200k thousand euros. According to the calculations made by the Fiamme Gialle, the total amount of taxes evaded would be 810k thousand euros.

The bankruptcy of Gruppo Cocoricò srl for many coincides with the end of an era in which thousands of people gathered in the Pyramid on the hill of Riccione to dance, have fun and listen to the sets of the best DJs on the national and international scene. The 90s are now far away, a golden period in which the disco had become a sort of institution, the place to be to attend the best musical performances, happenings and to transgress, perhaps stumbling upon one of the many legendary personalities who frequented it regularly, people like Jean-Paul Gaultier or Grace Jones.

Today "music has changed" and the only transgression left is that of unpaid taxes.