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All you need to know about the new Game of Thrones trailer

Waiting for the last season that will starts on April 14th

All you need to know about the new Game of Thrones trailer Waiting for the last season that will starts on April 14th

The official trailer of Game of Thrones was released yesterday. The fantasy series now in its eighth season, already announced as the last one for the saga produced by HBO and holder of box office records all over the world. In the images we see the protagonists Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryem preparing for what will be the decisive battle against the White Walkers.

In the first images of the trailer, Arya escapes bleeding - which makes us think that will face a hard fight - pursued probably by undead or someone seeking revenge, while we see the flashback in which he hopes to meet the King of the Night.

In the last episode of the 7th season, we left Euron Greyjoy and his fleet of the Iron Islands next to the Golden Company which reminds us of the plan put in place by Cersei Lannister. The queen of the 7 kingdoms, will try to defeat the army of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen who joined forces, contravening the deal stipulated with the two, probably after fighting the battle against the King of the Night. Everything makes us think that we should prepare for two big separate battles, the first one between men, or between Cersei Lannister and the joint army of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, with the help of Jaime, brother of Cersei. The second will be the decisive one for the survival of the human race against the White Walkers.

The images of the preparations for the final battle follow one another, as well as the images of Cersei appearing alone and sad, this could make us think of a possible abortion - in a scene you can see her crying and drinking - since we had left her pregnant in the final of the 7th season. At the end of the trailer, the two dragons (Drogon and Rhaegal) are reunited with Jon and Daenerys, while in the background the voice of Jaime shows that he is ready to keep his promise to fight to defend humanity, unlike what intends to be a sister. The last scene of the trailer is emblematic, we see the horse's hoof - probably the one on which the King of the Night travels - which stops and in the distance you can see the lights of what could the army of men ready to baste the greatest and epic battle that the Seven Kingdoms have ever seen.

The wait is almost over.