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nss Shopping Guide: Sex Toys

Celebrate Valentine's Day in a different way

nss Shopping Guide: Sex Toys Celebrate Valentine's Day in a different way

For this Valentine's Day forget fancy dinners and red roses: to celebrate it in the right way you won't have to leave your couch thanks to your new sex toy. Whether it's your first time with these type of items, or you're a long time fan of these objects, it's definitely something to be worth trying, alone or with a partner. 

nss has selected for you the best sex toys to spend a really pleasant Valentine's Day, thanks to the selection of items available on the WOVO Store website. For everybody's taste. 


Clear Cuore Mio Glass Dildo

It comes with a heart shaped handle. Is there anything more romantic? 

Price: 30€
Buy here 

Bullet Vibrator Purple Silk 


Tiny, discreet, elegant, so small that you can keep it in your purse. Just in case. 

Price: 10€
Buy here 


Heart Anal Plug

Romance continues with this big-hearted plug, small but effective, perfect for anal stimulation.  

Price: 25€
Buy here


Fingos Finger Vibrating 

A small vibrator to be worn around the finger for direct and simple stimulation. You can choose between three different types of vibration. The battery lasts up to 45 minutes and it's waterproof. Never-ending showers. 

Price: 15€
Buy here


Tingling Tongue Mini Vibe

Tongue? Finger? Vibrator? Who knows. What's sure is that mini-tongue shaped vibrator is quiet and waterproof. 

Price: 25€
Buy here


Images Courtesy of WOVO Store