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Best tv series Valentine’s Day’s episodes

How 5 TV series face the lovers day

Best tv series Valentine’s Day’s episodes How 5 TV series face the lovers day

Valentine's Day has arrived this year too.  Among the many ways to celebrate it, from dinner to the moonlit walk, there is one for everyone, easy, comfortable and extremely rewarding: watch your favorite TV series.  Maybe lying on the sofa, next to your love (but it's okay alone), with plaid on the legs and some snacks to nibble.  The choice on what and how to see is wide, but, if you are undecided, nss suggests you 5 episodes that take place on February 14th, 5 different ways of coping with love, from spells to regain the former Buffy to the amusing misadventures of the Friends crew.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - S2E16 - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered 

Xander wants to take revenge on Cordelia for leaving him and, with the help of Amy's magical powers, casts a spell to make the girl fall in love again. Unfortunately, the outcome is the exact opposite: all the women of Sunnydale, including Buffy and Willow, taken by a collective madness, chase the boy to seduce him. Except for Cordelia that remains immune to his charm.



The Big Bang Theory - S6E16 - The Tangible Affection Proof 

Nerds fall in love too. In this episode, all the protagonists of the series are struggling with Valentine's Day.  Leonard, for example, wants to spend a romantic evening with Penny, but at the restaurant where they have booked for dinner, an unexpected meeting will change the trend of their appointment. Sheldon looks for the perfect gift for Amy, who wants to spend a February 14th at the sign of tradition; Bernadette is overworked and angry with Howard who does not move a finger to help her; while Raj and Stuart organize a party for those who are alone and has no one to celebrate. In the end, even this "difficult" day will end.



Orange Is the New Black - S2E06 - You Also Have a Pizza

Love is in the air also in the Litchfield prison. With a flashback, we discover a moment of Poussey's past when, in Germany, she was in love with the daughter of the superior officer of the military base in which she lived.  The rest of the episode continues between the consequences of the complicated relationship between Piper and Larry, exchanges of sweetness between Daya and Bennet and great revelations like:

 "Love is like taking a bath, but the water is like chocolate pudding, and there are soft lights, like five stallions that massage you ... plus you eat a pizza!"

Fun fact: on Tumblr the posts dedicated to the looks shown by Poussey in the episode are very popular.



Friends - S1E14 - The One With The Candy Hearts

Ross finally got his first romantic date after the divorce from Carol but, having arrived at the restaurant, he discovers that his ex-wife and his partner Susan have chosen the same destination to spend the evening together.  Joey arrange a blind date for her friend Chandler and the chosen one is Janice, a character who will become one of the most famous and irritating of the series;  while Phoebe, Monica and Rachel celebrate the anti-boyfriend rite that sets off a fire in their apartment.  A classic bizarre day in the company of the most famous TV friends.



Doctor Who - S2E13 - Doomsday

This is probably one of the most intense and, in a sense, romantic moments in the series.  In fact, in the episode, we witness the farewell between Rose and the Doctor, destined to remain separate forever.  The Lord of Time sacrifices a whole sun to be able to convey an image of himself to greet his partner one last time. Keep the Kleenexes close, because Rose's declaration of love is poignant. Also for addicted sci-fi.