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Kanye 2024

The rapper returns to Instagram and talks about his dream of becoming president (yet)

Kanye 2024  The rapper returns to Instagram and talks about his dream of becoming president (yet)

Kanye West keeps making headlines: everything he does is on everybody's lips. 

A few days ago the Internet had reacted quite ironically to the grey slippers the rapper wore during 2Chainz's wedding. Too small for his feet, they generated photoshopped, tweet and an infinite series of jokes (including an Instagram story of his wife, who makes fun of him giggling ruthlessly). Kanye, though, was able to manage the situation even this time, sharing on his Twitter profile the most hilarious memes about him and his Yeezy slippers. 

But the real question is: as a president will he still be wearing slippers? That's right, during a recent interview with DJ Pharris, Kanye said that he might run for office in 2024, and declared with confidence: 

"If I decide to do it, I'll do it, it won't be just a try." 

This confident moment brought us back to 2015, when Kim's husband made an enigmatic statement about him running for president. Currently the rapper is experiencing a period of transition, often he talks about his mental health, how difficult it is to be Kanye West and how much he needs to give himself more time with himself. The whole situation has repeatedly dragged him into the eye of the storm, between racist comments and sentences on slavery. They are alternated, however, with multiple tweets about social issues, such as health care, school, new generations, and so the question arises: who is really Kanye West? What part of him must we believe? But above all, could an individual like this be a good president?

Kanye loves his people, spreads messages of peace and pearls of wisdom on a daily basis like a good leader (president) would do. 

PS: yesterday he officially re-opened his Intagram profile. Ready to conquer the world.