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Pharrell celebrates African-American culture and women on Spotify

For the "Black History Is Happening Now" campaign

Pharrell celebrates African-American culture and women on Spotify For the Black History Is Happening Now campaign

After Janelle Monae, who has edited several playlists and a short film about AFF, it will be Pharrell Williams whos the next curator of Black History Is Happening Now, a project launched by Spotify, in collaboration with the creative collective Saturday Morning, to celebrate and amplify the voices of artists, creators, and black organizations.

In a promotional video about the initiative, the singer and producer, surrounded by a myriad of light bulbs says:

"The one thing that you cannot deny is that this country was built by the hands of many different cultures, but mainly the African-Americans. Because they were the ones that were put to task to go out and actually do the work. And all the while having to endure the pillaging of where they were from identities taken from them, and forced to do things that they don’t want to do. Far from a choice." - and continues - "Our influence is everywhere in clothing, music. You know, there would be no rock and roll without us. Like, we’ve been here. Black now is America…Black future in America. Black history in America".

The eclectic artist will be the protagonist of three original videos, directed by Paul Hunter, his longtime collaborator, in which he will talk about his perspective on Black culture: "Pharrell Is Black History", "A Very Serious Force" and "Something Awakening".

In the second chapter, Pharrell talks about the power of black women (and others), calling them a "serious force" and emphasizing how from Sojourner Truth to Oprah and beyond, black women have been fundamental in advancing history, saying:

"I think that what’s going to save not only this country but save the world are the Gen Z’ers, the Millennials and the women".

If you want to discover other content made by Pharrell, the "Black History Is Happening Now" hub is accessible directly via the Spotify app.

A curiosity: the company will provide funding to three creative Black, women who will open new avenues through cinema, literature and the visual arts, in order to create original content and support the representation of black women in those fields.