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An Instagram profile re-immagines "Call me by your name" as a painting by Monet

@cmbynmonet is a little corner of art and poetry

An Instagram profile re-immagines Call me by your name as a painting by Monet @cmbynmonet is a little corner of art and poetry

Continue the hype and love of the fans towards Call me by your name.

Among the many ways to show their appreciation for the film by Luca Guadagnino, Mika Labrague, a creative twenty-two Filipino, has found the most poetic.

The girl, in fact, has opened an Instagram profile, called Call me by Monet (@cmbynmonet), where, as the title suggests, post some very particular images, born relocating different scenes of the film inside landscapes painted by French artist.

 “It’s a passion project that I started out of my love for the novel and the film,” - revealed Mika –  “I got the idea from the novel’s chapter, Monet’s Berm. According to the book, it was the place where Monet used to paint and also where Elio brought Oliver. Then one day, after seeing the film, my friend and I were talking about how the Monet paintings and the setting of the film were very similar and had the same vibe. The lush green trees, the beaches, the flowers, the summer-y vibe of it all.” She adds, “I browsed more of Monet’s paintings and I would be reminded of certain scenes from the film. From there I decided to merge the two masterpieces.”

If the idea of this project was born from the intuition of the precise and harmonious coherence of the paintings with the lightness of the events narrated, the result is poetry in poetry.