The disparity in male and female salaries is no longer acceptable.

Tinder has also noticed this, so much so that he decided to take concrete action.

"This International Women's Day, we wanted to tackle an issue that is facing all women around the world today: the wage gap" - says Rosette Pambakian, Tinder's brand manager - "To address this, we have hired a top consulting firm to conduct a wage assessment to ensure that men and women are being compensated equally. We are also encouraging people everywhere to tweet #TinderForEqualPay, which will trigger a $50 donation — up to $100,000 — to UN Women, an organization which focuses on women's equality, inside and outside of the workplace."

Several studies have found that women, especially those of color, often earn less than their male counterparts by sharing the same qualifications and responsibilities. The results of the TUC found that women in the United Kingdom (but the US situation is similar) earn an average of around 18.7% less, which means they work effectively for free the first 67 days of the year.

We hope that all other companies, small and large, follow the example of Tinder.