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Best cartoons Valentine’s Day’s episodes

From "The Simpsons" to "Family Guy", the day of lovers also invades the world of cartoons with cards, flowers, chocolates and many hearts

Best cartoons Valentine’s Day’s episodes From The Simpsons to Family Guy, the day of lovers also invades the world of cartoons with cards, flowers, chocolates and many hearts

Even the protagonists of the cartoons fall in love.

All we know for sure watching Lili and the Tramp kiss while sharing a plate of spaghetti with meatballs (after all, is there in the world a girl who does not suffer the charm of a rebel?).

But did you know that they also celebrate Valentine's Day?

Everyone in their own way, often absurd or clumsy, celebrates February 14th.

There are those who exchange sweet greeting cards as in The Simpsons and those who ask the friend scientist a love potion to get a classmate as in Rick and Morty.

Here are the sweetest and most memorable episodes dedicated to Valentine's Day from cartoons in recent years.


The Simpsons

Episode: "I Love Lisa" - S4E15

At the school of Springfield arrived 14 February.

Everyone received a Valentine's card, all except Ralph Winchester.

Lisa then decides to give him one with the dedication "I Choo-Choo-Choose You" not to make him feel alone and so ends, in spite of herself, with becoming the boy's first girlfriend.

Many years later Al Jean, the executive producer of "The Simpson", told how the idea of that iconic Valentine's day was born:

"It was from a girl in my class and she had handwritten 'I really do choo-choo-choose you'. The fact that it is now the most famous Valentine in history flabbergasts me. I'm amazed and honoured at its status. After the episode first aired, I actually heard from a third-grade college mate of mine who said he'd remembered that Valentine card."


SpongeBob Squarepants

"Valentine's Day" - S01E32

SpongeBob has a tender heart and wants to make Valentine's Day special for his friend Patrick.

The idea? A chocolate hot air balloon.

Our yellow hero drags all day poor starfish around Bikini Bottom asking him to guess his gift. Among surprises and misunderstandings, with the help of Sandy, the happy ending is guaranteed.


Family Guy

"Valentine's Day in Quahog" - S11E12

In this episode of the eleventh season every member of the Griffin family lives in his own way on Valentine's Day.

Meg dating a guy she met online, Stewie falls in love with a girl of the '60s reached with the time machine, Peter and Lois staying in bed all day and Brian receives the visit of his ex.

Special guest voices: Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel.



"Love and Rocket" - S4E57


Fry's in love with Leela and tries to tell him, but he failed when, during a delivery of heart-shaped candy, are locked in the ship Planet Express, which has become mad with jealousy for Bender.

At a certain point, Leela's air reserve begins to run out, Fry gives her his own and faints.

She performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and when he begins to breathe out of his mouth comes a heart-shaped candy with the inscription "U Leave Me Breathless."

Very sweet.


American Dad!

"May the Best Stan Win" - S5E12

Francine is taken away by a romantic cyborg version of her husband from the future and the meeting forces her to question her relationship with the real Stan.

Meanwhile, Roger directs Steve and his friends in a remake of the cult movie The Goonies.



South park

"Tom's Rhinoplasty" - S1E11

Mr. Garrison, the teacher of South Park gives himself a little break from work due to surgery ... The substitute? A beautiful teacher called Ellen.

Everyone is fascinated by the woman, including Stan, to the disappointment of her girlfriend Wendy, and Chef.

The latter, refused, declares that Ms. Ellen is a lesbian.

Stan, Cartman and Kyle then decide to become lesbians to be able to impress the beautiful teacher.


Adventure Time

"Incendium" - S3E26

To watch and understand Adventure Time one must have a boundless imagination or be addicted.

Each episode is like a lysergic trip to the world of the surreal, even the one dedicated to Valentine's Day.

The plot? Jake is on a mission to repair Finn's broken heart and, to help him conquer his beloved, he serenades Flame Princess on behalf of his friend.


Rick and Morty

"Rick Potion # 9" - S1E06

Morty is in love with Jessica, a classmate, and wants to invite her to the annual Flu Season Dance, so he asks Rick for a love potion to make the girl feel the same feeling.

The weirdo doctor realizes one with a chemical extracted from a vole, a rodent that mates with only one partner for a lifetime.

The result? A disaster: a virus that infects the world's population, all in love with Morty.