A few months before the arriving of Blade Runner 2049 in theaters, attention was focused on Ridley Scotts’s original movie with a flurry of stories and curiosities that try to unravel the secrets.

After Raf Simons who has dedicated his last Menswear collection to the cult movie, it is now up to Wes Anderson to pay tribute to the iconic 1982 film.

The director of The Royal Tenenbaums Wes Anderson is, in fact, the producer of a documentary about Hampton Fancher, screenwriter of both the first and the second Blade Runner.

Escapes, this title of the project directed by Michael Almereyda, traces the miraculous life of man since, at age 15, escapes from his home in Los Angeles to become a flamenco dancer in Spain, changing his name to Mario Montejo until his career as an actor in cinema and television. But it will be the meeting with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep to bring him to worldwide success.

Fascinated by the story of Philip K. Dick tries in vain to option it to make a movie, succeeding thanks to the intercession of producer Brian Kelly who convinced the writer to say yes. So Fancher wrote the screenplay for what would become an unforgettable classic movie.

In the trailer appeared these days, you can see the magic touch of Anderson, for the first time working on a documentary.

Wes is engaged in this period to finish the animated film Isle of Dogs which, set in Japan, follows the odyssey of a boy searching for his lost dog.

Watch the interesting Escapes trailer.