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Interview to Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella

Founders of WOK Store

Interview to Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella Founders of WOK Store

We asked some questions to Federica Zambon and Simona Citarella, WOK Store founders, in the occasion of the tenth Milanese shop's anniversary.

Don't forget to enjoy the event tomorrow at WOK Store.


#1 Tell us about how much you know and how you met?

We met at IED, Simona has done a Fashion Design course and Federica an Industrial Design course. At the time we did not attend much, although we had some friends in common and we became much more friendly in 2005.

#2 This year is the tenth anniversary of your store: why you founded WOK Store?

The desire to bring brands that in Italy was impossible to buy and above all share our passions with others. 

#3 What’s your strength, that allowed you to be a reference in Milan fashion retailing?

To create a place that was not just a shop where they were selling clothes but a meeting place, especially for a city like Milan that lacks public places ... with various cultural events we managed to create a relaxing environment where people spontaneously you met.

#4 What was the store's aesthetic reference at the beginning and how has it changed to meet the most up-to-date trends?

No aesthetics of reference, pure freedom, have changed with time according to business needs.

#5 What’s the standard do you select the brands to keep in store?

Balance quality, price, aesthetic we like.

#6 Is there a brand you particularly love?

Opening Ceremony.

#7 What trend of the last ten years would you like to see back in vogue and what are you happy about?

We are not nostalgic and we do not have the desire for fashion to come back.

#8 According to your experience, what will be the main trends of this SS17 and what should we expect from the FW incumbents?

Total relaxation of all volumes and for next fall-winter technical fabrics and pastel colors.

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