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Boiler Room Naples 2015


Boiler Room Naples 2015 Reportage

5 djs, 7 hours of djset, (relatively) few guests. And a crowd of passionate people all over the world following the party in real time.

It happened again, yesterday night, in Naples: all this is Boiler Room. The event which has revolutionized the concept of party: the artists play live, giving their back to the public and in posing in front of a webcam that, in the meantime, broadcasts the event in streaming.

An idea born in London in 2010 that has become over the years an exclusive formula which counts today three stable cities (London, Berlin and Los Angeles) and one-shot locations which have already touched the most charming capitals of the world, from Lisbon to Cape Town, from Amsterdam to Ibiza and that yesterday landed in Naples, the second city in Italy after Milan last June.

A choice which has been accompanied by many polemics: comments full of stereotypes about the Italian city have led the managers of the event on Facebook to block it until just a couple of hours before the beginning of the show.

Polemics about the choice of the djs – in order: Flavio Folco, Gaetano Parisio,  Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Joseph Capriati, all from Naples – about the excluded ones, like Carola, and about the head of the line up, Capriati, defined “too-techno” and “too-commercial” for the event.

The party instead has been a success. An impeccable organization starting from the location, the Duel Beat, consolidated reality for the clubbers of the city, which has been unveiled at the very last minute, following the tradition of the Boiler Room.

A treasure hunt that led the lucky ones selected after the registration online to a parking place in order to leave their car before taking a bus to the mysterious destination. No fights, no disorders, only music and the certainty that Naples is the true capital of techno music in Italy.

The city which gave origin to this genre and keeps on promoting it and creating new talents. Today the comments on the Facebook page are very different, much more positive.

I have my personal chart though. Luigi Madonna, a revelation. Markantonio, which after yesterday deserves a place among the big names. Capriati, an artist the world envies to us. What else? I still have the beat in my years.

Maybe, as Markantonio said laughing before the show “Only Rino Cerrone was missing”, historic name of the Neapolitan techno scene (the clubbers from the 90s will remember him). But it’s fine. Now that the polemics have been shut down, we wait for the third Italian stop. Rome?!