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Limoncello Interview

Speech with Simina Grigoriu

Limoncello Interview Speech with Simina Grigoriu

Born in Romania, raised in Canada, and finally in Berlin, Simina Grigoriu is a perfect blend of different cultural and musical influences. She has impressed techno music, starting in the clubs of Toronto following the guidelines of Jeff Mills, Josh Wink and Juan Atkins, managing to develop a talent able to surprise and stimulate the dancefloor. In addition to his productions and continued concerts around the world, Simina has been deployed by Paul Kalkbrenner as opening act for the tour PK. We went to see her, we admired its beauty but most of all we had a chat with her.

Hello Simina, welcome!

Thanks for inviting me.


1. From Romania to Berlin, via Toronto: Where you have learned djing?

I was born in Bucharest and I moved to Toronto with my family when I was three years old. The decision to go to Canada was the attempt of my family to escape the communist regime of Ceausescu . After the revolution , we were able to visit Romania every summer so I really got to know my Romanian heritage . I am grateful for that. l my love of music in existence as long ! I was in music since I was a child. I played the piano and the violin as a child and then I developed a love for hip -hop, rhyming , then electro and techno.

2. In Berlin, you have found before the music or before your man?

I moved to Berlin after meeting my boyfriend, Paul, four years ago in Toronto. Berlin is the city so of course his Berlin has become my new home. The fact that I ended up in the capital of Techno World is just pure luck for me, I would follow him anywhere. Destiny. More. Why Berlin is truly amazing in so many ways .

3. Who inspired you to take up this profession?

As with most of the Djs, my intrigue grew as a hobby, then it became a profession. I played hard for the entertainment of friends in my basement and then I took little by little to make small concerts in the city. It was not until arriving in Berlin, however, I was able to hit the music full-time, especially in terms of production. Now, I could not imagine doing anything else, at least not yet.

4. In your bag of influences, which artists are there?

It 's so impossible to say in a short sentence. As I said before, my taste is very varied. Just to name a few: Nirvana , Led Zeppelin, Mobb Deep, Bob Marley, The Prodigy, The Cure, Big L. Wu Tang, Musical Youth, Hole, Garbage, Frank Sinatra, Dead Prez , Jimi Hendrix, Supertramp, Judy Garland, Mary Tanasa, Metallica, The Police, Better than Jake, Tool, Sublime, Donna Summer, Daria Derbyshire, John Coltrane, Grace Jones, any and all Reggae, some of the Jackson family, and many many more .

5. Everyone enjoyed your skills during the PK tour, it was exciting?

I enjoyed going on tour with Paul ! The team dynamic is amazing and we work with the most fun and professional crew! It's an honor for me to open her shows and, like any theatrical production, is overwhelming, challenging and exciting. Would not trade it for anything! The best part is that I would grow up a little with every performance of this dimension. It's really hard to be the opening act, if people waiting to see the main show. You have to play, but don't go too far and that the relationship with the public can be sensitive. As long as I'm happy dance, I've done my job.

6. Your album "Exit City" has confirmed your strength in consolle. What are your plans for the future?

I'm excited about this ! "Exit city", is my first album and it was like my baby. I worked on this project for nine months. For some time I want to carry this around my job, to do it like getting to my followers.

7. With all these new sub-genres, you do not think that music, in this period, has too many shades?

It 's very difficult to describe the music and everything that is around us. Better to listen to and follow what they really like !

8. You have chosen us to publish this new podcast! Want to say something to nssmag friends?

Thanks for the interview ! You guys are awesome! Support the music and say NO to drugs!